One item on my ever-growing list of new stuff I really want but don’t really need is a tilt-shift lens.  I love the many advantages these lenses offer including the ability to create selective focus and the impression of miniaturization (is that a word?).  But unfortunately these lenses can be quite expensive, so for now I guess I have to settle for faking it with Photoshop.  For this shot, I was actually driving to another location to shoot at sunset, but when I saw these cows grazing, I knew they would look great with the tilt-shift effect.  Shot of milk anyone?

Sometimes the best laid plans…

A few weeks ago, I decided to drive up to Newburyport, MA for a sunset shoot of the harbor.  While I’ve photographed many parts of this beautiful coastal community in the past, the harbor is one area I’ve unintentionally neglected.  When I left my house that afternoon, all signs pointed to good sunset conditions – some mild humidity/haze, nice clouds throughout the sky, etc.  Did I mention that the conditions were good at my house?  As I got nearer to Newburyport, the conditions worsened until I reached unbelievably thick fog all along the coast and harbor.  While this image of the dock is not what I had planned on shooting, I was actually pleased with how it came out.  One thing I’m consciously trying to do is experiment with different angles when shooting, and I took the opportunity to get down really low with the few things I could actually see that evening.  When your photo shoot gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Welcome to my new photography blog.  I have been what I would call an avid hobbyist for years, and for a while now, I’ve wanted to take the next step with my photography but was unsure where or how to do this.  A blog seemed like a reasonable choice, but the decision was by no means an easy one.  Finally, however, my hesitation, procrastination, and endless deliberation resulted in a challenge to myself to 1) get out and create new images, 2) expand and improve my post-processing skills, 3) become more social media-y, and 4) create this blog and become more a part of the photoblogging community for which I’ve merely been a spectator for too long.

I have been fascinated with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography since I saw my first HDR image, and have been spending more time recently shooting brackets and trying new techniques to become more accomplished in this area of photography.  So I thought I’d try this image as my first blog entry as it’s the first HDR image I created where I feel like I kinda “got it.”  As my family and I drove down a country road near Lincoln, NH, this used tire building could’ve also had the words “make an HDR of me” written on it with its broad range of light from the dark shadows to the bright highlights.  It’s by no means perfect, but I was still quite pleased with how it turned out.

I’m very excited about doing this blog, and I look forward to your comments and feedback on this and future posts.  Thanks for visiting.