Today’s image is the sister shot to this post from the other day.  Although I missed most of a really nice sunset that evening, I was able to capture this shot with a little of that nice summer sunset color in the background.  Normally, this field stands pretty empty, and I’ve photographed it many times in the past.  Thankfully I drove by it on this night, and had the opportunity to create several images with some interesting foreground subjects.  It was another reminder for me to keep coming back to the locations I know and like.  You just never know what surprises you may find.

I’m not entirely certain, but I’m very hopeful, that the glow of the sunrise on the morning I took this shot in Seabrook, NH was not the result of my proximity to Seabrook Station (also known as the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant) which is located not very far from the beach.  Until there’s evidence to the contrary, I’m sticking with the theory that Mother Nature had the wheel for this one.  🙂

One of the sports my boys play in the spring is baseball.  While they will soon be getting into a more competitive level of little league, this past season they were both still playing in the “everyone gets a trophy” phase of their burgeoning sports careers.  Debate if you will the merits of providing all kids with trophies and whether it sends the right or wrong messages to the kids, but once you see the expression on their faces when they’re holding that little golden man in their hands, the debate for me disappears.  As the kids were finishing their last game of the season, I captured this image of the trophies waiting to be handed out to some very happy and deserving young baseball players.

As I’ve mentioned on the blog several times before, Newburyport, MA is one of my favorite places to shoot.  You can usually find me there on the beach, or at least somewhere near the water, at sunrise or sunset trying to find a location or vantage point that provides a unique perspective on this beautiful coastal community.  Recently however, I’ve been working on some new images of the downtown area.  Newburyport was once an important fishing and whaling port, but is now much more well-known now as a bustling waterfront destination for tourists.  Full of wonderful shops, restaurants and activities, as well some incredible examples of Federalist architecture, it remains one of the most scenic and popular destinations on the north shore of Massachusetts.

This image was taken a short while after sundown in the heart of downtown looking up State Street, where many of the shops and restaurants are located.  It’s a great city to enjoy at night, and I will have some additional images to post in the future.

Today’s image was taken along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine.  Stretching from Perkins Cove to Ogunquit Beach, it’s an incredibly stunning public footpath that winds along the rocky cliffs of southern coastal Maine.  These benches are scattered along the path and provide beautiful vantage points to enjoy the ocean and crashing surf.

As I was crouched down on the ground for this shot trying to get the composition I wanted and the light I was hoping for, something occurred to me.  This was one of those instances where I seriously debated whether I’d rather be down on the ground waiting for the moment when the light was perfect to capture a memorable image, or would I rather just be part of the scene, sitting on that bench watching the incredible colors of a Maine sunrise.   The photographer in me obviously won the battle this time, but I still think about how nice it would have been just sitting there watching and enjoying.

I have a love/hate relationship with the process of coming up with a name for each blog post.  Some images seem to have names custom-made for them, where others are just not so easy.  This post was definitely the former, as I had several potential options come to mind as I was preparing it.  In addition to “A Good Year,” I thought about using “I’m Tired,” “Let’s Roll,” or “Retired” as possible options.  Anyway… on to today’s image.  I was doing some things around the house last night and looked outside to see what was the tail end of a beautiful sunset, so I grabbed my gear and quickly headed out.  I ended up missing the peak of the good color, so I decided to come in close on the tire of this tractor that was sitting idle in the middle of the field.  There was just enough good light left to provide a pleasing background, so I fired off a few brackets before the light faded.  I was able to capture some other shots around this field as well that I’ll share in future posts.

Just a brief post today as I was out at the Red Sox game last night, and needed something easy to post this morning.  This was taken on an early morning in Kennebunkport, Maine, and is just a simple reflection of the bow of a boat in the water.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ocean as calm as it was that morning, and I spent most of it trying to capture the reflections of the various boats that were docked there.  I didn’t come away with a whole lot that I liked, but was pleased with how this one turned out.

While I love to find grand landscapes to shoot that communicate place, time, and mood, I also enjoy capturing something that lets the viewer make their own assumptions on the place, time, etc. where it was taken.  What I like about this particular image, is the fact that you can’t tell whether it was taken in a small little pond where this was the only flower, or in a giant pond overrun with lily pads.   It’s up to you to decide.

Another sunset shot for today, this time from another favorite haunt of mine – Newburyport, MA.  The Captain’s Lady II is a 90 foot yacht that takes passengers on dinner and sunset cruises, as well as charters and other corporate events, and departs from the northern end of Plum Island.   While I would’ve liked to get a more creative composition here, the green head flies were out and on a mission to destroy my legs (those of you from New England will know what I mean), so I barely had the time/courage to set up my tripod on the beach for a few sets of brackets.  I did manage a few other shots that night as well before these creatures really got the best of me, which I’ll save for future posts.

Have a great weekend everyone.