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Icy Fangs

Mar 02, 2012 - Ice, Icicles, New Hampshire, Snow, Water, Winter - 5 Comments - Standard

When I came across this scene, the first thing that came to mind was that these icicles looked like giant fangs.  Or perhaps they just look like icicles.  You know, that’s one of the things I love about photography and art in general… everyone’s interpretation of a photograph or piece of art can be different. […]

Snowy River

Jan 23, 2012 - B&W, Landscapes, Massachusetts, River, Snow, Winter - 10 Comments - Standard

Well it finally snowed here in Massachusetts this weekend, and since I wasn’t able to get out and shoot any of it, I decided to post an image from last winter instead.  This is one of those small rivers/streams you find virtually anywhere that can make a nice photo when the conditions are right.  I […]

Beantown Silhouette

Jan 18, 2012 - Boston, Buildings, City, Long Exposure, Massachusetts, Pier, Pilings, Skyline, Sunset, Water, Winter - 9 Comments - Standard

Here is another image of downtown Boston from Lo Presti Park in East Boston, taken on the same day as yesterday’s post.  This was the last shot I took that frigid night, and the exposure was shorter than I had wanted due to my desire to get back in my car before my fingers fell […]


Jan 17, 2012 - Boston, Buildings, City, HDR, Massachusetts, Pier, Skyline, Sunset, Water, Winter - 11 Comments - Standard

Today’s image is of the Boston skyline as seen from Lo Presti Park in East Boston just after sunset.   In addition to providing a great view of the city, this location also has some wonderful objects like this pier, as well as some older decrepit ones, that can create a nice foreground interest or […]

Winter Light

Jan 10, 2012 - Lighthouse, Maine, Snow, Winter - 12 Comments - Standard

Well it’s back to the archives for another image of Nubble Light in York, ME.  I’ve posted shots of this iconic lighthouse several times before (here, here and here), but until today, no winter shots.  Even though this is mostly just a postcard shot, the light and subdued colors give it just a little something […]

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