Road More Traveled

Today’s image was taken along Route 100, which is one of the very well-known scenic routes through the state of Vermont.  It’s a very popular route for leaf-peepers, but far less busy when you get there early in the morning as I did the other day.  I fortunately only had to wait for a few cars to pass to get a clear shot of this winding section of road.  Although the foliage was not quite at peak, the scene still screams autumn in Vermont.  At least to me.  I tried a B&W conversion as well, and am not sure which I prefer, so I decided to post both versions.

Road More Traveled II

Have a great weekend.



Country Barn

I had the opportunity to do my first fall foliage shooting of the season this week, and took a short road trip up to Vermont.  While I researched and planned for a few spots I wanted to visit, most of the day was spent meandering around the country roads in the central part of the state.

I lost count of how many times I stopped on the side of the road to grab a shot of a barn or farm, and really enjoyed the spontaneity of not knowing what I was going to photograph next.

This barn was one of the first of these many stops.  It sits beautifully in front of some small mountains, and there was a huge blanket of fog moving through the area, the remnants of which you can see on the right.  The foliage season is in full swing in New England, and I’m looking forward to more shooting over the coming weeks.