Almost Peak

Back to some fall foliage images today.  While we’re not quite at peak color in Massachusetts, most of the area is pretty full with incredible yellows, reds, and oranges to photograph.   It’s hard to not pull the car over every few minutes when you come across trees like this everywhere you turn.  So needless to say, I pulled over.

Good morning, and I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I thought for today I would try something I’m calling “find the one thing that annoys me about this image.”  This is another shot from my trip to a local farm last weekend.  I was really pleased with this image once I had processed it, but then one little thing started to bug me a bit.  Can you figure out what it is?

P.S.  If I get 50 different answers, I’m going to be a little concerned about my future as a photographer.  🙂

So after complaining last week about my lack of fall shooting opportunities, I was finally able to get out this past weekend to try and grab some autumn goodness.  Without much time to go too far, I went back to a local farm that I had discovered during the summer.   The leaves have been inconsistent this year, and I was unsure of what I might find.  Thankfully many of the trees have turned yellow and orange here, and I was also pleased to find that the old fences had been replaced by these new white ones.  I really like the contrast of the fencing against the bold colors in the trees and grass.  As there are still some trees that have yet to turn there, I hope to get back again next weekend to capture some more of this beautiful property.

Happy Monday, and I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Here in the northeast we had the classic summer combo of absolutely beautiful weather mixed in with some nasty storms.  This shot was taken right after some t-storms had passed just before the sun set.  I had to scramble to catch the last of the color, and found this spot not too far from my house.  By the time this long exposure was finished, the color was fading, and I was hopeful that I had managed to get something good.  Fortunately the 2 minute exposure really helped to bring out the colors in the sky and the reflection in the water.

I drive down this stretch of road everyday, always hoping for a nice sunrise or sunset sky to add drama and contrast to this marshy area.  I caught this sky a few months ago on the way home from work, and pulled over to grab a few shots.  It’s a little dicey sometimes stopping here with cars whizzing by in both directions, but I used my car as a shield and got the shot I wanted.  Because of the bright sky and the dark areas of the marsh, I ended up blending two images in PS as the HDRs I tried just didn’t seem to work.

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/11, 18mm, 1/800 second

Today’s image comes from the same location as yesterday’s post.  I’ve always been a proponent of getting down low for certain types of shots, and for this one I got as low as possible.  The center column on my tripod doesn’t allow me to get as low as I wanted to, so I ended up handholding the camera a few inches off the ground and fired off some brackets.  I definitely want to come back and try this shot again when there are actually leaves on the trees, especially some time in the fall.

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/11, 24mm, 3 brackets

Good morning and happy Monday.  I’m back at it again after a wonderful ski vacation last week with my family.  We had an incredible time, and although I barely touched my camera during the week, I did manage to get a few shots here and there.  Today’s image is from a short hike I took with my son to Sabbaday Falls on one of the days we didn’t ski.  The lure of this hike is of course the falls itself, but there’s also the short distance to get to it from the parking lot which is helpful when hiking with an 8 year old.  Unfortunately, so much of the falls was frozen over that we couldn’t really get a good glimpse of it.  I did manage to get this shot of the river a few hundred yards down from the falls on our way up, as well as several others I’ll share soon.  Thanks for your visits last week while I was gone, and I’m looking forward to catching up on your blogs and images.

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/11, 18m, 1/15 second