Night Light

One more Marblehead image for today.  This was the last shot I took the other night as the mosquitos had pretty much gotten the best of me once the sun went down.  Yes, that building is the public restrooms, but I still really liked the glow of the lights coming from inside.  It seemed to work well with the green light from the lighthouse and the fading twilight.

Marblehead Light

Marblehead Light is a great destination for lighthouse devotees due to it’s beautiful setting on Marblehead Neck, and the fact that it’s the only cast iron skeleton lighthouse in New England.  The views of the harbor and ocean attract visitors year round to watch sailboats go by or to catch a sunset.  I’ve photographed this lighthouse several times in the past, but found this new composition the other night with the trees framing the lighthouse in the distance.

Dusk in Marblehead

I went out to do some sunset shooting the other night, and decided to make a trip to Marblehead, MA to shoot Marblehead Light.  I got there a little early and was amazed at how many people were picnicking on the lawn or just hanging out in chairs, etc.  It had been a while since I’d been there, and I guess I forgot what a beautiful place this is to just hang out and enjoy the incredible views.

So to pass the time until the sun went down, and also in an effort to avoid having lighthouse images full of people, I climbed down the rocks to the side of the lighthouse to grab some long exposures of the rocks and tide pools.  The late afternoon sun was still hitting the rocks, which added some really nice light to the image.

Later on I did manage to get a few lighthouse shots that I liked which I’ll post starting tomorrow.  And by the way, is it just me, or does that grayish rock in the middle look a little like a deformed dolphin?

Eastern Point Light

Bob, Mike and I arrived early at Eastern Point Lighthouse on Sunday in order to shoot the sunset before the super moon (which unfortunately never materialized due to clouds).  But before the sun actually set and lit up the sky as seen here, it was casting a really nice warm light on the other side of the lighthouse and the surrounding beach, etc.  I wasn’t sure about this shot when I looked at the camera’s LCD, but started to like it a lot once I got it on the computer.  So considering we never got to shoot the super moon, the trip to Eastern Point still turned out to be quite productive.

Super Sunset

We had it all planned out.  Super moon.  Eastern Point Lighthouse.  We knew the time, the location, the moon’s position.  And then… clouds. Lots of them.

There would be no super moon this time around for Bob Lussier, Mike Tully and me.  Fortunately, we had a really nice sunset to shoot before the clouds robbed us of the moon.  It actually turned out to be one of the better sunsets I’ve seen at Eastern Point, so in the end the trip was worthwhile.  And in the process I created the name Super Sunset.  Let’s see if it catches on.

Through the Meadow

Just a quick post for today.  I found this meadow on the way home from my son’s soccer game, and came back later that day as the sun was going down.  The only real challenge with this shot was trying to avoid getting eaten alive by mosquitos while I was waiting for the clouds to align with the path at the top of the hill.

Have a Heart

A little flower experiment for today’s post.  I found these bleeding hearts as the sun was about to go down and wanted to grab a spotlight shot.  It was challenging to find the right settings to avoid silhouetting the flowers against the setting sun while also having a fast enough shutter speed to keep things sharp.  So although it’s a little soft, and has quite a bit of chromatic aberration, I still felt compelled to post it.  I’m now waiting for another similar evening to try again now that I learned a few things with this image.

After some time away from the blog due to work and other projects, I’m trying to get back at it again with a new post today.  Having been away for awhile, I desperately need to get out and do more shooting, and I’m also hoping to get back to posting with more regularity as well. 

This image was taken in Rockport, MA this past weekend, and the building in the background is the famous Motif #1.  I’ve posted several images from here in the past, but it’s been a while since I captured any new shots of this picturesque little harbor.  This was the first time that I was able to get this composition, however, as the tide was relatively high, and the climb down to this little dock wasn’t too bad.  Climbing down a old wooden ladder with a backpack and tripod can be a little challenging, especially for an old man like me.  Anyway, I liked the view with the boats in the foreground, so it ended up being worth the climb.