After the Storm

After all the stormy weather we had yesterday here in the Northeast, I made a last minute decision to see what I could find to shoot at sunset.  While the colors I had hoped for never materialized, there were enough clouds moving across the sky for me to try some long exposures.

I headed over to this barn, which fortunately is only 5 minutes away, and slapped on the 10 stop ND filter.  At a little over a minute exposure, I was able to get some action in the clouds, as well some fleeting color.  There was even some filtered sun hitting the front of the barn, which was an added bonus.  And most importantly, I was also back home 5 minutes later to put my son to bed.  Not a bad evening.

Pawtucket Falls

The other night I had the opportunity to join up with a bunch of local photographers to do some sunset and night shooting in Lowell, MA.  We started out at the Pawtucket Falls at sunset, and basically took over the bridge and gatehouse that looks out over the falls.  Before I even got there, I was looking forward to trying some long exposures, and knew right away the location I wanted.  The flowing water of the Merrimack River and curved leading line of the dam made a nice composition.

As there were more than a dozen of us jockeying for similar positions, I’m guessing the internet is probably flooded (no pun intended) with this same shot.  Which ain’t such a bad thing.

Sunset Reflection

The glow of sunset reflected in the window of a shed is one of the scenes that makes New England what it is.  There are no signs or anything that would indicate where this was taken, but you can bet it was somewhere along the coast of MA, ME, NH, CT or RI (sorry Vermont).  This one happens to be in Gloucester, MA.  I tried a few different angles to get the right view of the sunset color reflected in the window, and arrived at this one.  And while only  a small detail,  being able to see part of the window on the other side of the shed made the image complete.  Well at least to me.

Gloucester Sunset

Another sunset, another image from Gloucester.  This is part of Wingaersheek Beach which is located in the western part of Gloucester.  It runs along the Annisquam River and Ipswich Bay, and is a great family beach.  There’s a sandbar off the beach that’s exposed at low tide, allowing you to walk hundreds of yards out.  And large rocks like these can be found at one end of the beach, which provide beautiful tide pools as the tide comes in and out.  It’s definitely one of my favorite local beaches.

Along the Canal

As much as I like shooting the interiors of the mills of Lawrence, they look pretty darn good from the outside as well.  This is another image from the photo walk that Bob Lussier and I hosted a few weeks ago.  We were fortunate to have a pretty nice sky that night, and were able to get some images before and after the sun set.  If you look closely, you’ll notice some blue lights on the bridge that had just turned on as the sun was setting.  The bridge looks great at night, changing colors every 30 seconds, and I’ll post an image next week from later that evening with it all lit up.

Have a great weekend.

Fire in the Sky

I know this is a cliche blog post title, but it’s the only one that seemed appropriate for this image.  Last night after dinner I looked outside to see some amazing storm clouds and decided to make a quick trip to catch some of it as the sun set.  I left my house about 15 minutes before sunset, and found the closest spot I could in Lawrence that had a good view of the sky, as well as some other points of interest like the mills and Merrimack River.

It’s been a summer full of thunderstorms, and this image makes up for several recent nights where I kicked myself for not heading outside to photograph them at sunset.  Be sure to click on the image for a larger view.

Eastern Sunset

Yes, I’m posting another image of Eastern Point Light in Gloucester.  I can’t help it.  And I’ll probably keep doing it.  This is such a photogenic lighthouse with limitless compositional possibilities, and I love getting up there to photograph it.  In particular, I really enjoy shooting from this side of it, where there are so many rocks and tide pools that you can use as a foreground interest or leading line to the lighthouse.