Dawn at the Light

Today’s image is an early morning shot of one of Maine’s lesser known lighthouses, Portland Head Light.  OK, just kidding.  As anyone from New England will tell you, this is supposedly the most photographed lighthouse in the U.S.  Or maybe Nubble Light is.  Anyway… I haven’t photographed Portland Head Light in way too many years, and being that I was in Portland for the weekend, I had no choice but to visit at sunrise.

As you can see, it was a very cloudy morning, and there were more than a few cold and disappointed photographers there without some nice morning color.  Be that as it may, I was still able to grab a few shots I liked, including this one, which was the first I took that morning.  The slight hint of color on the left is actually coming from the lights of the city, and was just enough early on to add some additional interest.  I was also pleased to be able to capture Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse in the background on the right side.  A cold and cloudy, but still somewhat satisfying morning.

Frozen Sunrise

Sunrise photography in the winter can be a double-edge sword.  On the one hand, you’ve got the sun coming up past 7 am, which means sleeping a bit later than you would for a summer sunrise.  The other hand is of course a cold hand.  As in freezing cold temperatures.

We’ve had some really cold weather here in the northeast the past few days, but I decided to get up this past weekend to see if I could catch a nice sunrise.  This image was taken near Loblolly Cove in Rockport, MA, and those two structures you see in the distance are the twin lighthouses of Thacher Island.  I had to climb over and around some icy rocks to get to this spot, but was rewarded with really nice color in the sky just before the sun rose.   This is not a multi-image panorama, but rather a cropped image that just looked better with these dimensions.  Please click on the image for a larger view.

Nubble at Sunrise

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a very fun and festive holiday season spent with friends and loved ones.  I am starting a new job today, and was able to take some time off from work, as well as my blog, for the past week plus.  I’m now back at both with excitement and hope as the new year begins.

During my break I only found one morning where it was feasible to get up for a sunrise shoot, and decided to head up to Nubble Light in York, ME.  The sunrise gods didn’t see fit to provide a nice sky that morning, but I did walk away with this long exposure that I kinda like.  It was a very calm, and somewhat warm morning (well at least warm for Maine in December), and this image seems to convey that feeling quite well.  Although this lighthouse has been photographed to death, I still enjoy the short trip up there to try and create a new image.

Moon Over Marsh

Although I got up early to catch the sunrise on this cold morning, it was the setting moon that became the focus of my attention.  It was incredibly bright, and of course big, as it slowly set behind the marsh.  You can even catch a glimpse of it’s reflection in the water if you look closely.  I used the longest focal length I could to get the moon to look as big as possible, while also keeping the water in the frame.  A bit of a balancing act, but I like the look I was able to create.

Boardwalk Dawn II

Today’s image is another shot from my sunrise shoot this past weekend.  This angle is looking in the opposite direction on the same boardwalk as yesterday’s image.  It’s amazing how the light can change so much in the pre-dawn hours, both in terms of time and direction.  Looking at the two images, it’s hard to believe that they were taken on the same morning within 30 minutes of one another.

Salem Sunrise

Today’s image is from Salem Willows Park in Salem, MA.  I took this shot about a year ago, and although the color was good, it just wasn’t working so I had left it for dead in the caverns of my Lightroom catalog.  That is until last night.  I was looking for something to post for today, and came across this series of images.  When I looked closely at this particular one, I saw a composition that merely required some cropping and cloning that I hadn’t envisioned when I first took the shot.

Sometimes I find it just as rewarding to repurpose an old image as it is producing a new one.

GrapevineI took a dip into the archives for today’s image from the Wolffer Estate winery out on eastern Long Island.  I got up early that morning to grab some sunrise shots of the vineyard, and unfortunately had to work with a cloudless sky.  So for most of the images, I tried to minimize the sky, and focus instead on the vines, grapes, etc.  

Makes you thirsty, doesn’t it?