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Back Bay Dawn

Mar 19, 2015 - Boston, Buildings, River, Sunrise, Winter - 3 Comments - Standard

A cloudy pre-dawn morning is an excellent time to create long exposures, especially when you can include a skyline, such as the Back Bay area of Boston, as part of the image.  Streaking clouds with pastel colors always contrasts nicely with buildings. What makes this image kinda interesting, is that someone unfamiliar with Boston would think […]

The Frozen Charles

Mar 11, 2015 - Boats, Boston, River, Sunrise - 1 Comments - Standard

Although the weather warmed up a bit this past weekend, the Charles River remains virtually frozen solid.  This is something I hadn’t contemplated when planning this sunrise shoot, as I was hoping for some nice long exposures of the river.  Once I got past the strange reality of the river not moving, however, I realized that […]

Frozen Sunrise

Mar 04, 2015 - Beach, Bridge, Gloucester, Sunrise - 4 Comments - Standard

Between the crazy winter we’ve had here in Massachusetts, and the craziness going on at work, I’ve unfortunately had little time to get out and shoot.   And less time to blog about my lack of shooting.  So I decided to remedy this, at least temporarily, by getting up early this past Sunday to photograph […]

Sea Smoke at Sunrise

Jan 18, 2015 - Ocean, Portsmouth, Sea Smoke, Sunrise - 2 Comments - Standard

I love living in New England, and having access to some amazing places to photograph in all four seasons.  Now, while getting out to shoot at sunrise in the spring and summer take little motivation as the weather is warm, getting up in the dead of winter to capture the sun rising takes a bit […]

Boardwalk Sunrise

Jan 05, 2015 - Boardwalk, Plum Island, Sunrise - 3 Comments - Standard

For me, 2014 will probably be remembered as the year of not so much shooting.  Between craziness at work, a busy schedule with my family, and a general lack of sufficient motivation, I just didn’t get out to shoot nearly as much as I would’ve liked.  I’m under no false illusion that 2015 will be prolific […]

Guard Chair

Sep 02, 2014 - B&W, Beach, Long Exposure, Maine, Sunrise - 5 Comments - Standard

While I love to enjoy a nice sunny day at the beach, my favorite time to be there is definitely first thing in the morning.  Virtually no people, and the only sound is that of the crashing waves.  Add in some nice clouds and you’ve something pretty special. Like this:Like Loading…

Thacher Island Oil House

Aug 20, 2014 - Oil House, Sunrise, Thacher Island - 3 Comments - Standard

  The main brick structure in this image is the oil house on Thacher Island that was once used to store oil and flammable liquids to operate the island’s lighthouses and buildings.   Shed dormers were added in 2007, which now store some of the maintenance equipment for the island and its properties. I had arrived on the island […]

Thacher Island

Aug 15, 2014 - Island, Lighthouse, Rocks, Sunrise - 3 Comments - Standard

Creating this image set a new record for me in terms of getting up early for a photograph.  I recently had the opportunity to visit Thacher Island at sunrise, an opportunity which only happens once a year.   I left my house at 3am for a ferry (or technically a small floating bathtub) that was leaving […]

Light Grids II

Mar 10, 2014 - B&W, Lawrence, Mill, Stone Mill, Sunrise - 1 Comments - Standard

I thought I’d start the week with another image of the beautiful light that streams into the Stone Mill in the early morning.  You can even see some of the light patterns on the ceiling, which I believe is from the sun reflecting off a car windshield or something in the parking lot below.  A […]

Dawn at the Pier

Feb 14, 2014 - Martha's Vineyard, Ocean, Pier, Sunrise - 3 Comments - Standard

Every so often I’ll be out shooting sunrise, and the sky will magically take on this eery orange glow before the sun comes up over the horizon.  While I still prefer a sky full of illuminated clouds, sometimes these single color sunrises can be quite impressive. This one comes from Martha’s Vineyard from a trip […]

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