Have a Heart

A little flower experiment for today’s post.  I found these bleeding hearts as the sun was about to go down and wanted to grab a spotlight shot.  It was challenging to find the right settings to avoid silhouetting the flowers against the setting sun while also having a fast enough shutter speed to keep things sharp.  So although it’s a little soft, and has quite a bit of chromatic aberration, I still felt compelled to post it.  I’m now waiting for another similar evening to try again now that I learned a few things with this image.


I was finally able to get out for some Spring shooting this weekend, and spent a couple of hours Sunday morning exploring some local spots to capture some signs of Spring.  This dogwood (at least I think it’s a dogwood) was beautiful, but was crowded by some other trees around it.  After mixed success trying to find some interesting compositions, I looked up and saw the flowers backlit by the sun against the blue sky.   A few tweaks in Lightroom, and there you have it.

Lined Up for Spring

A few weeks ago we had our first taste of spring here in the northeast, and I made sure I was out enjoying it.  This is part of a farm that I decided to visit for the first time, and I can already tell that I’m going to be back.  I’m thinking that this tree lined road/path will look fantastic in the fall, and hopefully later this spring as well.

As much as I’ve enjoyed all the shooting I’ve done this winter at the mills, I’m very excited to get back outside for some landscape work.  There’s no doubt that I’ll continue shooting the old mills, but it will be nice to have some other options in the warm weather as well.

I realize I haven’t posted much lately, nor have I been visiting many of your blogs recently.  I’m in a new job, and have been extremely busy with that and life in general.  I’m hoping to get more caught up in the coming weeks, and I really appreciate the visits and comments on the few posts I’ve made.

Today’s image is another from my recent trip to the Saugus Iron Works.  As I was walking around the property, I noticed these new blossoms on this tree (not sure what kind however), and I thought they provided a nice contrast to the old and rustic building in the background.  Just another reason why I love the spring.

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/4.5, 44mm, 1/1250 second