Tree Lined

I’ve really been drawn to tree-lined paths and roads this fall, and have found myself seeking them out quite a bit.  While I haven’t been able to make many images of them that I like, I was able to capture this one at Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA.  In addition to the tree-lined dirt road, I was also able to incorporate the welcome center house in the background framed by one of these beautiful trees.

Most of the leaves have fallen now, but overall it was a pretty nice fall season.  I’m saving some colorful foliage images to post in the future on some of the cold and snowy days that unfortunately aren’t too far away.

Have a great weekend.

Road More Traveled

Today’s image was taken along Route 100, which is one of the very well-known scenic routes through the state of Vermont.  It’s a very popular route for leaf-peepers, but far less busy when you get there early in the morning as I did the other day.  I fortunately only had to wait for a few cars to pass to get a clear shot of this winding section of road.  Although the foliage was not quite at peak, the scene still screams autumn in Vermont.  At least to me.  I tried a B&W conversion as well, and am not sure which I prefer, so I decided to post both versions.

Road More Traveled II

Have a great weekend.



So after complaining last week about my lack of fall shooting opportunities, I was finally able to get out this past weekend to try and grab some autumn goodness.  Without much time to go too far, I went back to a local farm that I had discovered during the summer.   The leaves have been inconsistent this year, and I was unsure of what I might find.  Thankfully many of the trees have turned yellow and orange here, and I was also pleased to find that the old fences had been replaced by these new white ones.  I really like the contrast of the fencing against the bold colors in the trees and grass.  As there are still some trees that have yet to turn there, I hope to get back again next weekend to capture some more of this beautiful property.

Quick post and run today.  This another shot from that glorious morning in Gloucester, MA.  Even though the sky was kinda washed out just a few minutes after the sun rose, it still cast warm beautiful light on the rocks and grass.  I was tempted to follow the road to see where it leads, but decided to leave that for my next visit.

Have a great weekend.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-70, f/11, 18mm, 3 brackets