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Nov 28, 2011 - Bridge, HDR, Lights, Massachusetts, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90 - 10 Comments - Standard

This shot is not what I originally had in mind when went out the other afternoon to shoot.  I was driving around Lawrence, MA, looking for some old mills to shoot, and was exploring an area that I had not been to before.  I immediately stumbled upon this bridge which is obviously neither old nor a mill, […]


Nov 22, 2011 - B&W, HDR, Lighthouse, Massachusetts, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90 - 9 Comments - Standard

Another quick post for today.  This is the lower window on Plum Island Light which I’ve shown on the blog before here.  When shooting this lighthouse, I usually try for a more broad view of it against a nice sunset or interesting foreground.  This time, however, I opted for a more intimate approach. Like this:Like Loading…

Streaks of Light

So it’s back to Martha’s Vineyard for today’s post.  This image is a little bit unusual, but I was playing around with some long exposures and thought this one came out kinda cool.  It’s a shot of the Chappaquiddick Ferry, more commonly known as the Chappy Ferry, that runs across Edgartown Harbor to Chappaquiddick Island. […]

Still Motion

Nov 18, 2011 - Beach, Fog, Landscapes, Long Exposure, Maine, ND 10, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90, Ogunquit, Reflection, Water - 10 Comments - Standard

Just a quick post and run for today.  This is another shot from Ogunquit, Maine, and was taken during the WWPW last month.  The conditions were far from ideal, but I did manage to get a shot or two that I liked, including this one. Have a great weekend. Like this:Like Loading…

On the Rocks

Nov 17, 2011 - Landscapes, Long Exposure, Maine, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90, Ogunquit, Rocks, Sunset, Water - 4 Comments - Standard

I’m going to continue with my State of Maine theme for this week and move on to Ogunquit for today’s post.  As I’ve stated several times before, Ogunquit is one of my favorite places to shoot.  Between the beaches, the harbor, the rocky coastline and the quaint village, photographic opportunities are everywhere.  This shot was […]

Have a Seat

Nov 16, 2011 - Autumn, Chairs, Maine, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90, Water - 8 Comments - Standard

A couple of years ago, my wife and I spent an anniversary weekend in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  We stayed at this wonderful little inn that was up on a hill overlooking the water.  It was fall in Maine (this means cold), but they still had the adirondack chairs out for anyone who wanted to bundle up and take […]

Stormy Seas

Nov 14, 2011 - Lighthouse, Long Exposure, Maine, ND 10, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90, Rocks, Water, Waves - 16 Comments - Standard

Today’s image comes to us from Nubble Light in York, Maine.  As I mentioned in a previous post here, I believe that this may be the most photographed lighthouse in the country.  Or at least in New England.  I was there with my 8 year old son this past weekend, and we spent about 45 […]

Wastin’ Time

Nov 10, 2011 - Autumn, Docks, HDR, Landscapes, Martha's Vineyard, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90, Reflection, Sunrise, Water - 10 Comments - Standard

  For today’s post, we go back to the Vineyard.  When I was processing this shot, I kept finding myself trying to sing the classic Otis Redding song The Dock of the Bay, hence the title of the post.  It was a beautiful sunrise and a very peaceful morning, and I actually don’t think I […]

Reflections of Color

Nov 09, 2011 - Abstract, Boats, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, Nikkor 18-70, Nikon D90, Reflection, Water - 15 Comments - Standard

Anytime I find myself shooting near a harbor, I always look for opportunities to capture a boat’s reflection in the water.  What I really like is the potential of these scenes.  Depending on how calm or rough the water is, as well as the time of day, the colors of the boat hulls reflecting on […]

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