I didn’t really know what else to name this post, so I just went with a literal description.  Some days it’s the best I can do.  The is the harbor in Newburyport, and is one of so many possible compositions you can find there.  The harbor is huge and quite busy as it provides access to both the open ocean, as well as the Merrimack River.  For this particular image, I was really drawn to the contrast of the beach grass and the water, and along with some nice light, it was all I really needed.  I tried an HDR of this scene, but found that just processing one of the brackets looked best.

Camera settings: ISO 800, f/11, 48mm, 1/160 second

Good morning and happy Monday.  This shot was one of those unfortunate situations where I got an image I really liked, but had forgotten to change my camera settings before pressing the shutter, and was unable to really do what I wanted with it as a result.  I had spent the afternoon with my kids at the beach and had taken quite a few pictures of them playing, etc.  On the way home I spotted this boat stuck in the grass at low tide, and jumped out to grab a few shots.  Unfortunately, my camera was set to a relatively low jpeg file size and I forgot to switch over to RAW before taking this shot.  The image also required some cropping, so I ended up with a very small file and what you see here is about as big as this is going to get.  Although I can’t do much to enlarge it (I don’t have any of the image enlargement software), I still really like it.   Maybe I’ll carry it in my wallet along with the pictures of the kids.  🙂

Camera settings: ISO 400, f/4.5, 56mm, 1/2000 second

It’s been a while since I posted a shot from Newburyport, so I thought I’d dig into the archives for one today.  This was taken right in downtown, and contrary to the lack of snow, it was taken just a few days after Christmas.  Now this is the type of shot that I’d normally process as an HDR, but for some reason I just liked the way the O EV bracket looked on its own.  I made a few slight tweaks in Lightroom, but that was about it.  I did consider masking/cloning out the mysterious woman in the middle (who was standing oddly still for a 4 second exposure btw), but then decided to keep her to add some human interest.  On a side note, this is one of my ongoing internal debates about my photography – whether to have people in my images or not.   While I do prefer to keep my images free of people, sometimes there are images like this one where having people in it actually works.  I suppose I usually just end up doing what feels right for each image.   What do you think?

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/8, 18mm, 4 seconds