GrapevineI took a dip into the archives for today’s image from the Wolffer Estate winery out on eastern Long Island.  I got up early that morning to grab some sunrise shots of the vineyard, and unfortunately had to work with a cloudless sky.  So for most of the images, I tried to minimize the sky, and focus instead on the vines, grapes, etc.  

Makes you thirsty, doesn’t it?



I took this image over the summer during a trip to Long Island, and had pretty much left it for dead in my folder of misfit images.  That is until I started playing around with the new Perfect Effects 4 from OnOne Software.  I rarely use textures in my images, but with this shot the applied texture helped fill in for what was originally a somewhat boring sky, giving it new life.

I love ferries. Just being out on the ocean, knowing that the ferry is taking me to some island destination.  This is the ferry from New London, CT to Orient Point on Long Island from our recent trip to the Hamptons.  It was quite foggy that morning with a little sun breaking through here and there, and that made the color of the bench really stand out.  I was also digging the yellow/orange lights that run along the top part of the boat.  As for the guy in the green hat, I was going to try and clone him out, but decided to leave him there as he adds some additional visual interest to the image.  Would you have left him in the shot or removed him?

In addition to the beautiful beaches, over-the-top homes, and occasional celebrity sightings, the eastern end of Long Island is also known for its many vineyards.  I was amazed to learn that there are now nearly 50 wineries spanning both the north and south forks of Long Island, many of which produce some impressive wines.  This image is from the vineyards at Wolffer Estate in Sagaponack, which is not far from our friends’ house where we were visiting last week.  I arrived just before sunrise, and had the entire place to myself.  This was my first attempt at photographing a vineyard, so fortunately or unfortunately I found myself shooting virtually everything I encountered.  Next time I go back, however, I’ll try to focus on just the grapes or the vines, etc., as opposed to the spray and pray method I employed this time.  I’ll have a few more shots to share from here in the coming days.  And in case you’re wondering, I’m not sure exactly which varietal these are, but I can tell you that the wines produced at Wolffers are very good on a warm summer night.  Cheers.

It’s been a while since I posted a long exposure image, and I’m really pleased with how this one turned out.  This is one of the wooden jetties that protects the entrance to Three Mile Harbor in Easthampton, NY.  To get to this location on the western side of the channel you need to have 4 wheel drive, and I was fortunate that the friends we were visiting had a Jeep that they let me borrow.  I brought my boys with me as they love riding in the Jeep out on the beach, and we all had a really great time combing the beach, finding crabs, and of course taking pictures.  This is a nearly three minute exposure which tuned the water into silky goodness.  And a b&w conversion seemed to fit this scene to my liking.  I hope you like it too.

Well I’m back at it after a few days of family vacation visiting friends in the Hamptons in NY.   This was family time and not a photo trip, but I did manage to sneak in some shooting time here and there.  This is a shot of a sunflower that was not quite ready to make it’s big appearance.  I stopped at this field to grab the standard field of sunflowers shot that has so far eluded my portfolio, but actually ended up liking this single bud the best of all the shots I took.

I’ll have some other images to post from my trip this week, and I hope to catch up on all your photo blogs, news etc., as well.