Moon Over Marsh

Although I got up early to catch the sunrise on this cold morning, it was the setting moon that became the focus of my attention.  It was incredibly bright, and of course big, as it slowly set behind the marsh.  You can even catch a glimpse of it’s reflection in the water if you look closely.  I used the longest focal length I could to get the moon to look as big as possible, while also keeping the water in the frame.  A bit of a balancing act, but I like the look I was able to create.


My trip to Ogunquit a few weeks ago was quite the full day.  I started with a sunrise shoot along the Marginal Way, helped teach a photography workshop during the afternoon, and then ended the day with a photo walk with workshop participants to Perkins Cove and back at sunset.  It was exhausting, but a lot of fun.  I also came home with a few images I like, which is always a nice thing.

This was one of the last images I took that day and shows the full moon rising over the Atlantic and the cliffs of the Marginal Way.  And yes, the moon was this red color due to some haze in the atmosphere as it rose above the horizon.  I chose a telephoto lens to compress the scene and get the moon as big as possible in the shot.   It was a beautiful way to end the day.

Well I’m back from a wonderful family vacation last week on the beach in Seabrook, NH.   Although I spent most of the week in the waves or the tidal pools with my boys, I did manage to step out a few times for some shooting.  I’m not sure if today’s image is my favorite from the week, but it’s certainly one of the more interesting (at least to me).   I tried to get out at sunrise or sunset for most of my shooting, but this one was taken an hour + after sunset.  I just really like the way the moonlight reflects off the water and the rocks to give this an otherworldly feel.  These rocks form some really great tidal pools at low tide, and we spent countless hours there filling our buckets with crabs, starfish, and even a baby lobster (all of which were released before we left each day).  I’ll have several more images to share from my trip in the coming days.