It seems as though people have been posting a lot of great waterfall shots lately, so I decided to post one too.  This one however is a little bit different from most of the others as it’s situated among some old industrial mills and buildings in Amesbury, MA and not deep in the woods.  This is the Powow River which not so long ago provided power to some of these old mills.  It’s part of the Amesbury Riverwalk and also happens to run right past one of our favorite restaurants, Flatbread Company, which has some of the best pizza around.  Pictures and pizza… does it get any better?

Three days later and I’m still thinking about how incredible the colors were the other night at sunset.  As a result, a few tiny tweaks and some sharpening was all I needed to process this shot.  This is from Plum Island in Newburyport, MA, and is a spot I’ve photographed many times before, although this was the first time I’ve tried some long exposures there.  The sky was completely clouded over the entire ride up there, and I came very close to turning around.  So glad I didn’t.  By the time I got to the water, enough clouds had cleared on the horizon to produce this scene.

Here’s another shot from my first day with my 10 stop ND filter.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I was very excited to try it out as soon as I got it, and headed out to Salem Willows Park about a week ago to give it a go.  I perhaps unrealistically thought I might be able to walk away with some keepers from my first attempt at using this fun little toy, and realized when I got home that it will indeed take some practice.  While I’m pleased with how a few of the images turned out, including this one, I need to stop putting too much pressure on myself when I’m trying something for the first time, and keep on practicing.

Well my new toy arrived this weekend, and I just had to go out and see what I could do with it.  I’ve been wanting to experiment more with long exposures, so I finally got myself the B+W 10 stop ND filter.  The next morning I got up early for a sunrise that never materialized, but I still got to try some long exposures.  There’s a lot to learn about using it and it’s definitely going to take some practice and experimentation, but I was still pleased with a few of the shots I was able to create.

I went up to Willows Park in Salem, MA to shoot the pier and rocky beach, but this image of one of the docks was probably my favorite.  I really love the way an exposure of nearly 2 minutes just smooths out the water while leaving fixed objects like the dock in focus.  I’m excited to keep trying different types of shots with the new filter, and will hopefully have some stuff to share in the future.

I spent the past few days in North Carolina for my day job in heat and humidity that could only be described as swampy.  Unfortunately, walking out of the airport back in Boston last night wasn’t much better.  And with record heat expected in the Northeast for the rest of the week, I thought I’d dig into the archives for something that reminds me of cooler weather.  This shot was taken on an overcast morning along the Kancamagus Highway just outside Lincoln, NH, which is renowned for its fall foliage and picturesque mountains, rivers, and streams.  Friends had let my wife and I borrow their condo for the weekend, and I took the opportunity to get up early both mornings to explore the area with my camera.  I have always been fond of long-exposure shots of moving water, and capturing this movement is something I try to practice whenever I have the opportunity.   After experimenting with various settings, I ended up with this single exposure of 3 seconds to get the water the way I wanted it.  I remember the water being quite cold that day, but I’m sure it would feel great in this weather.