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Ayer Mill Clock Tower

Apr 07, 2015 - Ayer Mill, B&W, Clouds, Lawrence, Long Exposure - 3 Comments - Standard

This past Saturday was an incredibly windy day with plenty of clouds in the sky – a perfect recipe for some long exposures.  Unfortunately, by the time I was able to get out with my camera in the afternoon, much of the cloud cover had moved out.  There were thankfully still enough, however, to provide some nice movement in the […]

Guard Chair

Sep 02, 2014 - B&W, Beach, Long Exposure, Maine, Sunrise - 5 Comments - Standard

While I love to enjoy a nice sunny day at the beach, my favorite time to be there is definitely first thing in the morning.  Virtually no people, and the only sound is that of the crashing waves.  Add in some nice clouds and you’ve something pretty special. Like this:Like Loading…

Profile Falls

Aug 11, 2014 - B&W, Long Exposure, River - 1 Comments - Standard

This past weekend, Bob Lussier and I visited the small mill town of Franklin, NH to photograph some of the old buildings in the area.  We headed up a bit early to check out Profile Falls in Bristol first, which is just a short distance from Franklin.  As we missed the early morning light, and […]

After the Storm

Jul 29, 2014 - Barn, Clouds, Long Exposure, Sunset - 4 Comments - Standard

  After all the stormy weather we had yesterday here in the Northeast, I made a last minute decision to see what I could find to shoot at sunset.  While the colors I had hoped for never materialized, there were enough clouds moving across the sky for me to try some long exposures. I headed […]

Pawtucket Falls

Jun 03, 2014 - Long Exposure, Lowell, River, Sunset - 4 Comments - Standard

The other night I had the opportunity to join up with a bunch of local photographers to do some sunset and night shooting in Lowell, MA.  We started out at the Pawtucket Falls at sunset, and basically took over the bridge and gatehouse that looks out over the falls.  Before I even got there, I […]

Stormy Motif

May 06, 2014 - Clouds, Long Exposure, Ocean, Rockport - 3 Comments - Standard

When you’re in a creative rut like I’ve been for the past few months, any old photo subject will do.  Even one that happens to be one of the most photographed and painted structures on the east coast, Motif #1 in Rockport, MA.  This thing has been documented to death, yet it’s still great place […]

Stormy Skies

May 05, 2014 - B&W, Essex, Landscapes, Long Exposure, Marsh - 8 Comments - Standard

So… after a somewhat lengthy separation and some time apart, my camera and I have decided to resolve our issues and get back together. It really has been quite some time since my last blog post, stemming from a long drawn-out winter, a new job, and a busy family.  But I managed to get out […]

Winter Chill

Jan 23, 2014 - B&W, Lighthouse, Long Exposure, Maine, Ocean - 5 Comments - Standard

Another image today from Portland Head Light in Maine.  No sun at sunrise usually means I’ll convert most images to black & white, especially long exposures like this one (yesterday’s post was an exception).  It was a cold 5 minutes waiting for this exposure, but ultimately worth the wait.  When it’s still early and the […]


Dec 18, 2013 - Abstract, B&W, Boston, Building, Long Exposure - 2 Comments - Standard

I’m honestly not sure what I was originally trying to create here, but ended up with this image which I like quite a bit.  This is the part of the exterior of the New England Aquarium, specifically the IMAX Theater building, and the image was taken during the Kelby Photowalk this past fall. After trying […]

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