Hampton Rocks

Happy Friday everyone.  Here’s another black and white long exposure, but this time from Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.  I met up with Bob Lussier for an impromptu shoot two weeks ago, and we had about an hour in the area to see what we could find.  These rocks immediately caught our eye, and we spent most of our time trying various long exposure compositions.  To get this 60 second exposure, I had to stop down quite a bit, and also stack a polarizer and my ND10.  Not an ideal set-up, but I still like how it turned out.

Have a great weekend.

The Basin

Well I’m back after a week away on vacation at DisneyWorld with the family.  It was nice to take a break from blogging and most things social media (I still followed all the updates from the marathon bombing), and I even left my DSLR at home for the trip and just brought a small P&S camera.  This vacation was all about family time, and it was wonderful.  I took lots of pictures of the kids, but nothing for the blog.

So here’s my first post in over a week, and it’s a shot from the Basin in Lincoln, NH.  This is a really cool location, although it was snowing while I was there a few weeks ago.  In addition to the blurring effect on water, clouds, etc., long exposures are also great for eliminating things like snowfall or even people that don’t stay long in the frame.  There were no people to worry about here, but I did want to exclude the falling snow from the image, which this 60 second exposure took care of.  While there was some nice color in the rocks and pine trees, I liked the look of this image better in B&W.  I recently purchased Silver Efex Pro 2, and it’s really growing on me.

WInter Sunrise

This is another image from the blizzard we had a few weeks ago.  I’ve shot this locations during other seasons, and was finally able to get a winter shot I liked.  The early morning sun created wonderful light and shadows, and I shot at f/18 to get the sunstar through the trees.  If not for the little red shack, I probably would’ve converted this to B&W as I do with many wintery scenes.  In the end, the little bit of red was enough for me to keep the image in color.

Breaking Surf


I thought I’d mix things up a bit today with a trip back to the fall and this shot from Pemaquid Point, Maine.  Home to its namsake lighthouse, it also has these incredible rocks and cliffs on the ocean.  It was a beautiful, but very bright morning, so I stacked a polarizer and my trusty ND10 to get this long exposure.

Rock Steady

Just a quick post for today.  This is one of the jetties along Plum Island in Newburyport, MA.  I’ve posted shots of these rocks in the past, but thought I’d try a B&W long exposure for this one.  On cloudy or overcast days here, I almost always go in thinking about how an image will look in B&W, and then shoot and process accordingly.

Autumn Farm

It snowed this weekend which made me think back to warmer and sunnier times.  As much as I love skiing in the winter and beaches in the summer, fall remains my favorite season.  What can compete with the crisp air, beautiful colors, and picturesque farms like this one?

Monhegan Panorama

Today’s post is a panorama of the village on Monhegan Island in Maine.  I’ve posted several images from my trip there in the fall, including this one of a small section of the village.  I had originally wanted to post this pano instead, but was having some difficulty getting it stitched together properly without some distortion.  After reading an article this weekend on panoramas, I took another crack at it and was able to remove most of the distortion that had kept this image stuck in my library.  It’s composed of 9 separate vertically-oriented shots, and looks much better when you click on it for a larger view.

Well the weatherman is saying that we may get a little taste of winter in the form of some snow today, so I thought I’d post a shot from warmer times.  I definitely need to keep going back to images like this one for the next several months because green grass won’t be seen around here for a while.