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Thacher Island

Aug 15, 2014 - Island, Lighthouse, Rocks, Sunrise - 3 Comments - Standard

Creating this image set a new record for me in terms of getting up early for a photograph.  I recently had the opportunity to visit Thacher Island at sunrise, an opportunity which only happens once a year.   I left my house at 3am for a ferry (or technically a small floating bathtub) that was leaving […]

Monhegan Panorama

Jan 14, 2013 - Buildings, Harbor, HDR, Island, Landscapes, Maine, Monhegan Island, Ocean, Panorama, Village - 6 Comments - Standard

Today’s post is a panorama of the village on Monhegan Island in Maine.  I’ve posted several images from my trip there in the fall, including this one of a small section of the village.  I had originally wanted to post this pano instead, but was having some difficulty getting it stitched together properly without some […]

Island Home

Jan 10, 2013 - Fence, House, Island, Maine, Monhegan Island - 7 Comments - Standard

Sometimes it’s nice to take a little break from my usual menu of lighthouses or seascapes or abandoned mills, and shoot something more simple.  This is nothing more than a little red house on Monhegan Island in Maine, but there was just something so quaint and inviting about it, that I had to take it’s […]

The Village

Oct 02, 2012 - Boats, Buildings, Harbor, HDR, Island, Maine, Monhegan Island, Ocean, Village - 11 Comments - Standard

Every so often I come across a scene that just begs for a little tilt-shift action.  This was one of those scenes.  What you see is the majority of the small village on Monhegan Island in Maine.  The rest of the island consists mostly of houses, a few inns and restaurants, and a post office […]

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