Thacher Island

Creating this image set a new record for me in terms of getting up early for a photograph.  I recently had the opportunity to visit Thacher Island at sunrise, an opportunity which only happens once a year.   I left my house at 3am for a ferry (or technically a small floating bathtub) that was leaving at 4am.  A 20 minute boat ride in sheer darkness followed, and we then arrived on the island.  As a side note, it was a both comical and scary ride as one person drove the boat, while another shined a flashlight on the water to ensure we didn’t hit any lobster buoys.

Thacher Island is located off the coast of Rockport, MA, and is known for it’s two towering lighthouses – the only operating twin lighthouses in America.  The Town of Rockport owns the southern end of the Island, and the northern end is owned by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  While there, I discovered that it should also be known for it’s incredible seagull population.  So many in fact, that it was difficult to hear the beeps and clicks of my camera, even with my face pressed up against it.  The island’s other indigenous species, the mosquito, is equally present, yet thankfully disappear once the sun rises.

This image is of the north lighthouse tower.   This was my first visit to the island, and I was overwhelmed with all the possible images that could be made there, although finding some of them in the dark before the sun rose was a bit challenging.  I found this perspective just after the sun came up, and was able to get some of that warm light on the rocks and tower.  I wish the sky had cooperated by providing more clouds, but overall it was a great experience to explore and photograph this amazing place.  I hope to get back again soon.

Monhegan Panorama

Today’s post is a panorama of the village on Monhegan Island in Maine.  I’ve posted several images from my trip there in the fall, including this one of a small section of the village.  I had originally wanted to post this pano instead, but was having some difficulty getting it stitched together properly without some distortion.  After reading an article this weekend on panoramas, I took another crack at it and was able to remove most of the distortion that had kept this image stuck in my library.  It’s composed of 9 separate vertically-oriented shots, and looks much better when you click on it for a larger view.

Island HomeSometimes it’s nice to take a little break from my usual menu of lighthouses or seascapes or abandoned mills, and shoot something more simple.  This is nothing more than a little red house on Monhegan Island in Maine, but there was just something so quaint and inviting about it, that I had to take it’s picture.

Every so often I come across a scene that just begs for a little tilt-shift action.  This was one of those scenes.  What you see is the majority of the small village on Monhegan Island in Maine.  The rest of the island consists mostly of houses, a few inns and restaurants, and a post office and church.  The large building to the right side of the image is the Island Inn, which I believe is the largest inn on the island.  Behind it lies the harbor and Manana Island.  The building with the red trim and pink sign is a store/cafe called Carina, which had the best crabmeat panini I’ve ever had.  Carina is one of the only places that stays open during the winter when the island’s population drops to less than 50 hearty souls.  Not sure I could handle a winter there, but I can’t wait to get back next summer.