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Draper Corp.

Jul 02, 2013 - Antique, Boott Mill, HDR, History, Lowell, Machinery, Massachusetts, Mill - 2 Comments - Standard

It’s back to the Boott Mill for today’s post.  I previously posted some detail shots of this equipment, and wanted to show a wider view of the textile machinery.  Watching the machines in action is so impressive when you think about when they were built and how they were originally powered.  This is one of […]

Flight Controls

Jun 24, 2013 - Airplane, Antique, HDR, Massachusetts - 5 Comments - Standard

This is the cockpit of a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor airplane.  The world’s first mass-produced airliner, it was visiting a local airport for the weekend, and I managed to find a little time to check it out (I didn’t have time for a ride unfortunately).  Ford Motor Company built 199 Tri-Motors from 1926 through 1933, and […]

Spoolin’ Around

Jun 14, 2013 - HDR, Lowell, Machinery, Massachusetts, Mill - 7 Comments - Standard

As you enter the factory floor of the Boott Mill, the first thing you see is a sign suggesting you use ear plugs when walking around the machines.  While they only have a handful of textile machines operating at a time, I was amazed at how loud these machines could be.  It’s hard to imagine […]

Looking Down

Jun 13, 2013 - HDR, Lowell, Massachusetts, Mill, Railing, Stairs - 3 Comments - Standard

Following up on yesterday’s post, here is the view looking down from the top of the stairs at the Boott Mill.   I could’ve spent all afternoon just shooting this stairway, but the noise of the textile equipment coming from the main floor was eventually too strong to ignore.  Tune in tomorrow for an image […]

Looking Up

Jun 12, 2013 - HDR, Lowell, Massachusetts, Mill, Stairs - 9 Comments - Standard

Feeling motivated and inspired after our morning photo walk on Sunday, I decided to keep the shooting momentum going, and made a trip to another local mill city, Lowell, MA that afternoon.  Like Lawrence, Lowell is home to a variety of mills dating back to the American Industrial Revolution, many of which provide outstanding photo […]


Jun 05, 2013 - HDR, Lawrence, Massachusetts, Mill, Pacific Mill - 8 Comments - Standard

Today’s image comes from one of the loading docks at the Pacific Mill in Lawrence.  I found several of these things around the complex, but have no idea what they do.  Or did.   Well whatever it was supposed to do, I’m pretty sure it’s not doing it anymore. Like this:Like Loading…

Broken Window

May 29, 2013 - Abandoned, HDR, Massachusetts, School, Window - 2 Comments - Standard

What I really found interesting when I was photographing this abandoned school was the contrast of old and new.  In many places the paint was still bright and colorful, yet there was trash, broken windows, falling ceiling tiles, etc. as well.  I found myself seeking out scenes where the old and new were evident at the same […]


May 22, 2013 - Abstract, Barn, HDR, Massachusetts, Rust, Silo - 5 Comments - Standard

I thought I’d try an abstract shot for today’s post.  This is the side of a rusted silo at a barn I stumbled across a few weeks ago.  I was originally trying to get a broad sweeping view of the run-down farm, but nothing was really working.  So instead I went in tight on all […]

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