Fenced In

Living in New England, there is almost always a farm to be explored and photographed somewhere nearby.  And for me, finding a farm I haven’t photographed before means opportunities in all seasons when nothing else is inspiring me.  I grabbed this shot on a cool spring afternoon, before the leaves started to bloom.  Since there was little color in this scene, I decided to convert to B&W to highlight the textures in the fence and grass.

Autumn Farm

It snowed this weekend which made me think back to warmer and sunnier times.  As much as I love skiing in the winter and beaches in the summer, fall remains my favorite season.  What can compete with the crisp air, beautiful colors, and picturesque farms like this one?

Island HomeSometimes it’s nice to take a little break from my usual menu of lighthouses or seascapes or abandoned mills, and shoot something more simple.  This is nothing more than a little red house on Monhegan Island in Maine, but there was just something so quaint and inviting about it, that I had to take it’s picture.

Good morning, and I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I thought for today I would try something I’m calling “find the one thing that annoys me about this image.”  This is another shot from my trip to a local farm last weekend.  I was really pleased with this image once I had processed it, but then one little thing started to bug me a bit.  Can you figure out what it is?

P.S.  If I get 50 different answers, I’m going to be a little concerned about my future as a photographer.  🙂

So after complaining last week about my lack of fall shooting opportunities, I was finally able to get out this past weekend to try and grab some autumn goodness.  Without much time to go too far, I went back to a local farm that I had discovered during the summer.   The leaves have been inconsistent this year, and I was unsure of what I might find.  Thankfully many of the trees have turned yellow and orange here, and I was also pleased to find that the old fences had been replaced by these new white ones.  I really like the contrast of the fencing against the bold colors in the trees and grass.  As there are still some trees that have yet to turn there, I hope to get back again next weekend to capture some more of this beautiful property.

This is Pemaquid Light, a lighthouse in Maine famously known for the rocky cliffs that surround it.   While I took many shots with the rocks as part of the composition, I also took some shots like this which took a much simpler approach.  It was an incredible fall day with deep blue skies, and I thought the bright white of the fence and lighthouse would contrast nicely with the sky.

Have a great weekend!

Camera settings: ISO 200, f/13, 44mm, 1/500 second