The Office

It’s been quite a while since I posted an mill image.  Maybe you’ve missed them, maybe you haven’t, but I’m putting one up on the blog today regardless.  🙂

This is a shot from the Pacific Mill in Lawrence, and is what appears to be an office on one of the upper floors of the mill.  It’s an image that I originally didn’t really care for, but now has become one of my favorites.  It’s actually one of the images I included in my photography exhibit with Bob Lussier at the Lawrence History Center.


Some of the more interesting things you find in the old mills in Lawrence are the writings/scribblings of those who have explored the mills in the past.  I’m assuming that whoever wrote “boo” on this door several times were either there at night, or had been there at night in the past.  The mills aren’t too scary during the day, but they certainly can be at night with only a flashlight to guide you.  With this shot from the Stone Mill, I was originally more interested in the doorway that is framing the room beyond, but once I saw the the word boo written a few times on the door, I made sure it was part of the composition.

The Office

Here is another image from our recent night shoot at the Stone Mill.  Before we even went inside, I knew that this room was the first place in the mill I was heading to try some lightpainting techniques.  Definitely a work in progress, and I’m looking forward to our next excursion there.

Light in the Mill

As Bob Lussier and I were getting ready for our Historic Mills free photowalk this past weekend, we decided that we should do a brief walkthrough of our planned route so we would have a sense as to how much time to spend in various locations, etc.  Joined by Mike Tully, we started walking along the route.  After a little while, however, we decided that we knew exactly what we wanted to do for the photo walk, and that we would rather spend our timing trying out some light painting techniques inside the Stone Mill instead.  (Although postponed a day due to the rain, the photo walk was a big success, and we’re already working on setting a date for another one later this summer.  Stay tuned for more information soon.)

Anyway, this is one of my favorite images from our night time shoot.  It was a little unnerving being inside the mills in the dark, but our excitement over the results made it very worthwhile.  To create this shot, I shined a flashlight onto the chair and floor while the shutter was open, creating just enough light to illuminate it.  I then masked the image of the chair onto another shot of the same scene that I exposed much longer to allow for sufficient ambient light.  The outside light was mostly coming from the Everett Mill across the parking lot.  This is definitely something we’ll try again soon.

Empty Seat

I’m sticking with the mill images again today, but this one is from the Stone Mill which is located directly across from the Everett Mill.  Bob, Mike and I made sure we spent some time here when we finished shooting at Everett this past weekend.  Even though I’ve shot here many times, I keep coming back for the opportunity to find new shots or compositions like this one.  This is one of my favorite things about shooting here, there’s always a new shot nearby, as long as you’re willing to look for it.

Good morning and happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I’m trying something new today (or at least new for me) by doing a cross-post with my friend Bob Lussier with whom I spent an afternoon last week shooting at the Stone Mill in Lawrence, MA.  This is a favorite location for both of us, and we thought it would be fun to post an image of the same subject but taken with very different perspectives.  As anyone who’s seen Bob’s work knows (and if you haven’t, you need to check out his site here), he is incredibly talented, and has a way of really working these urbex scenes.  So while he chose a fantastic wide angle comp for his image, I opted for a more simple and intimate composition.  By the way, this is the same room I posted about here the other day.  Anyway, it was really fun to shoot and process my image, and then to see a completely different take on it from Bob.  I hope to do one of these again soon.

Well you’ve probably noticed by now that my blog has a completely new look and feel.  As I approach my first full year of photo blogging, I felt as though I needed a new design and layout to keep things fresh.  I’m still playing around with some things, and even posted a new image yesterday by mistake as I figure everything out, but I’m liking the new look.

Today’s image is another from the Stone Mill in Lawrence.   I try to imagine what it must be like to have this room as an office.  You have the nice light coming in from the big old windows, but that’s where the charm would end for me.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a much better photo subject than usable office space, and is one of several such places in the mill.  I’ve seen some beautiful shots of this same room by other local photographers, and wanted to put my own spin on it.  When shooting places or locations that have been captured in the past by others, I try very hard to be inspired by the work of those before me, but be sure to add my own personal style to these images and make them my own.

Just a quick post for today.  This property is only a mile or two from my house, but every time I’m there it feels like I’m in the south (at least the south from a New Englander’s perspective).  The brick patio, shutters on the french doors, and white chairs make it feel like another place and time.