Cart in the Attic

One of my favorite mill scenes to photograph is the attic of the Stone Mill in Lawrence.  The 19th century architecture and gritty details of this abandoned space never ceases to fascinate me.  There are also several interesting items in the attic that you can use to anchor a shot of this open space, and this cart is one of them.

I have made many attempts to get just the right shot of the cart in the past, yet success still eludes me.  While I’m very pleased with this image, as well as several others I have made of the cart, I will continue trying to find that elusive mix of composition and light that needs to come together to get the shot I seek.

In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone.

Pacific Cart

I love finding these single pieces of furniture/equipment all by themselves in the vast empty spaces of the mills.  This one was found on the 4th floor of the Pacific Mill, and I’d swear that the urbex gods left it there just so we could shoot it.  This space was mostly devoid of color, so I decided to process it as a monochrome image.

Have a great weekend.

In the Spotlight

This is another image from our night time shoot at the Stone Mill last week.  This area of the mill can be somewhat dark even in the daytime as seen in this shot, but at night, it’s D.A.R.K.  As with yesterday’s image, I lit the cart with a flashlight, and then masked it in to another image where I painted the sloped ceiling with my flashlight to add just enough light to provide some context to the scene.


Today’s image is one I grabbed during our second Historic Mills Photo Workshop this past weekend.  After seeing Bob Lussier’s post on his blog yesterday, I was inspired to copy him and do something similar.

While my time during the day was spent working with our participants, I did have my camera over my shoulder with the 50mm prime to grab a few shots of everyone shooting away.  But temptation is strong when I’m in the Stone Mill, and I just had to grab a few shots here and there.  No tripod, no brackets, but still a few clicks now and then, such as this shot of an old cart in the attic space.

The workshop was fantastic as we had a terrific group of photographers with us for the day.  The feedback has been great so far, and we’re looking forward to hosting more workshops in the fall.

Cart Attack

I know.  Dumb title.  I kinda liked the play on words though.  Anyway, this is another image from my little urbex session last weekend with Bob Lussier.   Now being that I’m not a photojournalist, sometimes I like to “stage” a shot a bit, and place an object in a location that suits what I’m trying to capture.  This shot however, required no such action.  This old shopping cart was situated perfectly, allowing me to use it in the foreground and still present the open space on the first floor of the mill. Sometimes things are just meant to be.