Back Bay Storm

After the stormy weather moved through Boston this past weekend, we were left with windy conditions, and plenty of leftover clouds just as the sun was getting ready to set for the night.  In other words, ideal conditions for some long exposure photography.  While the sky was on fire to the west – the vantage point of my post from the other day – it was more pastel to the southwest where I was now aiming my camera over the Back Bay skyline.

Now the price you pay for having the streaking clouds and smooth water is of course the crazy movement in the trees.  And while some may disapprove, I actually really like this effect.  The contrast of the sharp buildings against the movement of just about everything else in the frame is a look I’m constantly searching for.  And on this night, I was treated to a brilliant opportunity to create such an image.

I finally stopped one day to grab a few shots of this old building.  I had very little time to explore the area, but wanted to get a few images.  As a result, I have no idea what it’s purpose is, whether it’s still used, etc.  It’s actually attached to the back of an Italian restaurant, but that’s where my information stops.  This is one of those shots that I like equally well in both color and black and white.  It just seems to work in both formats.  Do you have a  preference?

Have a great weekend.

As the weather was uncooperative on the photowalk in Ogunquit last weekend, I thought I’d dip into the archives for a shot that was taken there in better conditions.  This is making me wonder whether I’m simply frustrated by the recent poor weather around here, or perhaps I’m just feeling nostalgic.  Either way, I’ve been looking back at images from a while ago with renewed energy.

Anyway… this is the Norseman Hotel on Ogunquit Beach.  It’s the only hotel right on the beach, and it’s location can’t be beat.  This shot was taken in late winter/early spring on a very cold day which is probably why there was no one else around.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a freezing cold evening with good light, over a warm but rainy one every time.

This is a view of downtown Boston taken from in front of the federal courthouse looking across the harbor.  It’s a popular spot for photographing the city, but there are certainly ways to make it your own as I’ve tried here.  I chose to get close to the chain with a tighter shot of the skyline, as opposed to backing up for a wider view.  This is one of the great challenges in photographing landmarks or famous scenes – trying to get a shot that no one else has made, or at least one that you can call your own.

It seems as though people have been posting a lot of great waterfall shots lately, so I decided to post one too.  This one however is a little bit different from most of the others as it’s situated among some old industrial mills and buildings in Amesbury, MA and not deep in the woods.  This is the Powow River which not so long ago provided power to some of these old mills.  It’s part of the Amesbury Riverwalk and also happens to run right past one of our favorite restaurants, Flatbread Company, which has some of the best pizza around.  Pictures and pizza… does it get any better?

I’m not much of an Urbex shooter, and frankly, I’m not sure if this would even qualify as I’m not really exploring the inside of the building, and as far as I know it’s still in operation.  Regardless, I’ve driven by this factory/warehouse many times, and finally made some time to stop for a few minutes to fire off some brackets.  I tried several different angles, but ended up liking the mild distortion in this wide angle shot the best (the support beam on the left is actually bent).  I don’t know too much about this company other than it’s location in Lawrence, MA and the fact that having the name Pacific for an east coast business seems odd, but I guess I don’t really need to know much in order to take a few pictures, right?

As I’ve mentioned on the blog several times before, Newburyport, MA is one of my favorite places to shoot.  You can usually find me there on the beach, or at least somewhere near the water, at sunrise or sunset trying to find a location or vantage point that provides a unique perspective on this beautiful coastal community.  Recently however, I’ve been working on some new images of the downtown area.  Newburyport was once an important fishing and whaling port, but is now much more well-known now as a bustling waterfront destination for tourists.  Full of wonderful shops, restaurants and activities, as well some incredible examples of Federalist architecture, it remains one of the most scenic and popular destinations on the north shore of Massachusetts.

This image was taken a short while after sundown in the heart of downtown looking up State Street, where many of the shops and restaurants are located.  It’s a great city to enjoy at night, and I will have some additional images to post in the future.