Jenne Farm

This is the Jenne Farm in Reading, VT.  You may know it as one of the most photographed farms in New England, if not the United States. And you know what? I was thrilled to finally get there and make some images, exactly as many, many photographers have done before me.  There was a time when I wanted to avoid the most photographed ______ in the country or world, thinking that how could I possibly create something that no one else has before.  What I’ve discovered is that I don’t always need to create something new and different from everyone else’s images of a location.  These places are the most photographed _______ for good reason, which is typically the sheer beauty of them.  So why not get there and make some magic.

The Jenne Farm is no exception.  It is the quintessential New England farm – especially in the fall – and I couldn’t be happier with the images I made there, regardless of how similar they may be to others.  Now after saying all that, I was fortunate to have the cows feeding right in front me, which is an added bonus that I haven’t seen in too many other images.  A happy accident I was happy to come across.  Had the cows not been there, however, I would’ve been just as satisfied with the shot.

Fall Desperation

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m a photographer who lives in New England.   Embarrassed because I have beautiful foliage surrounding me everywhere I look at the moment, and I’ve hardly done any shooting whatsoever to capture any of it.

So feeling desperate after a storm passed the other day, I grabbed my camera and jumped in my car hoping to find foliage inspiration.   I didn’t have the success I was hoping for, but did manage to capture a few shots I liked.  This barn is one of them.

There is still a week or two left of good color, so I’m still hopeful that I’ll get out at least one more time for some more foliage goodness.


After the Storm

After all the stormy weather we had yesterday here in the Northeast, I made a last minute decision to see what I could find to shoot at sunset.  While the colors I had hoped for never materialized, there were enough clouds moving across the sky for me to try some long exposures.

I headed over to this barn, which fortunately is only 5 minutes away, and slapped on the 10 stop ND filter.  At a little over a minute exposure, I was able to get some action in the clouds, as well some fleeting color.  There was even some filtered sun hitting the front of the barn, which was an added bonus.  And most importantly, I was also back home 5 minutes later to put my son to bed.  Not a bad evening.

Sleepy Hollow Farm

As this is one of my favorites times of year, I’m going to stick with the fall images for a few more days.  This is the Sleepy Hollow Farm in Woodstock, Vermont.  It’s a fairly well-known photo location, and presents many wonderful compositional opportunities.  For this image I went with the trusty “road as a leading line” theme which works great with this winding driveway.  I wish I could’ve arrived earlier for the pre-dawn light, but the colors in the scene certainly didn’t disappoint.

Country Barn

I had the opportunity to do my first fall foliage shooting of the season this week, and took a short road trip up to Vermont.  While I researched and planned for a few spots I wanted to visit, most of the day was spent meandering around the country roads in the central part of the state.

I lost count of how many times I stopped on the side of the road to grab a shot of a barn or farm, and really enjoyed the spontaneity of not knowing what I was going to photograph next.

This barn was one of the first of these many stops.  It sits beautifully in front of some small mountains, and there was a huge blanket of fog moving through the area, the remnants of which you can see on the right.  The foliage season is in full swing in New England, and I’m looking forward to more shooting over the coming weeks.



This past weekend I had the opportunity to join a good friend who had won an afternoon rental of a 2013 Corvette 60th Anniversary Gran Sport Convertible at a fundraiser.  We had the car for several hours of top down fun, and of course I had to bring my camera.

In addition to being an unbelievably fast car, it is also a fantastic photo subject.  Our trip took us down some rural roads, and when I saw this barn I knew it would make a good back drop.  It was the middle of the day with some pretty harsh sun, so I tried to wait for a little cloud cover to grab these shots.  I’ve never really been that interested in photographing cars, but this one may have converted me.


I thought I’d try an abstract shot for today’s post.  This is the side of a rusted silo at a barn I stumbled across a few weeks ago.  I was originally trying to get a broad sweeping view of the run-down farm, but nothing was really working.  So instead I went in tight on all the colors and textures of the rust, and this was my favorite shot.

Storm Brewing

I think it’s time to take a break from the mill images, and post some something different.     I found this rundown barn on my way to a local farm a few weeks ago.  The stormy clouds in the background added some nice drama to the overall scene, so I pulled over and grabbed some brackets.  A little PhotoEffects and some FocalPoint from OnOne Software, and I was done.

Winter Sky

While I almost always prefer shooting in warmer weather, the winter can sometimes offer up incredible colors in the sky, especially before and after stormy weather.  For this shot I didn’t need to go very far as this barn is about 3 miles from my house.  It makes a great photo subject in any season when I don’t have the time or energy to go beyond the town borders to get some shooting in.