As I mentioned yesterday, I was up early on Monday for some sunrise shooting in Gloucester, MA.  Although it’s known as a vibrant fishing community, there are other parts that are far less commercial but equally photogenic.  With that in mind, I chose to visit the salt marshes this time around.  I’ve always really enjoyed photographing them, but I went there this time mostly because I didn’t get going soon enough to reach the harbor by sunrise. 🙂

While I made it here just as the sun was coming up, I was disappointed that there was not a single cloud in the sky, so I decided to try some different things.  This image is a five shot panorama that I created in CS5.  It was my first time trying this technique, and it will require a great deal of practice to learn the nuances of combining multiple shots in varying light (I already know that I should’ve bracketed each shot for more control of the final product).  I’m definitely up for the challenge, however, as I really like what’s possible when creating panoramic images.  Cloudless sky aside, I’d love to get your feedback on this one, as your input will help me further develop my skills in this area.  Thanks.

Wow.  What an unbelievable weekend of weather we just had in the northeast.  80+ degrees, blue skies, and best of all, no humidity.  In addition to enjoying the long weekend with family and friends, I also managed to get out yesterday morning for some sunrise shooting up in Gloucester, MA.  Although the sky was completely cloudless and not all that interesting, I did get some early morning images that I’ll share later this week.

Today’s post, however, is a shot I took on the ride home, having taken the scenic route back on Route 133 through the coastal towns of Essex and Ipswich among others.  I had driven over this bridge in Ipswich in the past, and wanted to see if I could find an interesting angle to try some long exposures.  The sun was already up, and while it was a decent scene, it wasn’t  anything I was overly excited about.  That is until I got back in the car and looked at the LCD on my camera.  This swirling action of the river was not visible to me while I was composing the shot, but was so cool to see on the little screen.  Single exposure of 30 seconds with some minor post-processing tweaks.  Love when that happens.

Between a busy schedule and what seems like an unusual amount of rain recently, I’ve been unable to get out yet to take advantage of the beauty of fall in New England.   I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to get some shooting in over the coming weeks, but for now I’ll post a picture from last fall.  This is more of an abstract shot and is a reflection of the fall colors in a flowing stream.  Looking for the more intimate details in the autumn landscape is something I want to spend more time doing this season, and I hope to get some good stuff to share soon.