A couple of years ago, my wife and I spent an anniversary weekend in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  We stayed at this wonderful little inn that was up on a hill overlooking the water.  It was fall in Maine (this means cold), but they still had the adirondack chairs out for anyone who wanted to bundle up and take in the view.    Well worth it in my opinion.


For today’s post, we go back to the Vineyard.  When I was processing this shot, I kept finding myself trying to sing the classic Otis Redding song The Dock of the Bay, hence the title of the post.  It was a beautiful sunrise and a very peaceful morning, and I actually don’t think I was wasting time at all.

Due to the wet, and snowy, fall we’ve had this year, my son’s soccer games have been moved to all different fields around our town.  There was one in particular that we had never been to before as it’s in a more rural area.  On the way there, we passed this old barn which I thought would be a good photo subject.  So the other day I took a few minutes to go back and grab some brackets.  The reason I called this the lobster tractor is because the first thing my wife said when she saw the image was that the tractor looked like a lobster.  I didn’t see it myself until she pointed it out, but now all I can see is some bizarre transformer movie where old farm equipment transforms into crustaceans trying to take over the planet.

One of my favorite things about fall is taking the kids to the farm for apple picking, hay rides, etc.  In addition to taking shots of the kids, there are always so many photo ops everywhere you look.  This was the view from the hay ride on a trip to a local farm a few weeks ago.  It’s a single shot tonemapped in Photomatix and tweaked in Phototools.  Nice and simple, just like a hay ride

While I typically like my fall images full of their incredible colors, sometimes an image just looks better in B&W.  This is one such image, at least for me.  This was taken last fall in Lincoln, NH, and is an image I played around with for a while trying to find the right look.  Hopefully I’ve achieved it.

I love when you stumble across a location that you didn’t anticipate.  Traveling down Rte 103 near Bradford, NH this past weekend, I saw this small little cut-off from the road.  I decided to check it out and drove down to find this river flowing very hard due to the recent rains.  A short little hike brought me to this vantage point where I captured this shot.  I debated how long of an exposure to use, and opted for something around 1 1/2 seconds to slightly blur, but still show the incredible motion of the water.  Add in some rocks and fall foliage, and you have the finished product.

Finally got out this weekend for some fall shooting.  I only had a short amount of time around a bunch of kids soccer games and birthday parties, but managed to get a few keepers.  This barn sits right on the main road, and I’m guessing is photographed fairly often.  I thought it was kinda cool to have the moon still up in the morning and hovering over a barn called Sunshine Farm.  Although I’m thinking that maybe my definition of cool needs a little work.  🙂