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Nubble Spotlight

It had been quite some time since I last visited Nubble Light in York, ME, so I decided to make the short trip up there this afternoon to catch the sunset.

The tide was low and the water was as calm as I’ve seen it, but the sky made up for it with some nice color just before the sun went down. And having some of that warm sunlight shine directly on the lighthouse really made the scene special.

2 Responses to Nubble Spotlight

  1. Wedding Photography Minneapolis

    Nice picture ! Sky is moving fast ! I would be curious to know how long did you exposed this one ? Like 30 second more or less ?

    13 Feb 2017 - Reply
    • Steven Perlmutter

      Thank you! This exposure was about 2 minutes long. I used a 10 stop ND filter to get an exposure long enough to show dramatic movement in the clouds.

      14 Feb 2017 - Reply

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