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The Gahden

The Gahden

No, that’s not a typo.  It’s how you say “garden” when you’re from Boston.  Or at least every movie made about our city in the past 20 years would make you think that’s how you say it.

Anyway, this is a fairly common view of the Boston Garden and the Zakim bridge, and one I’d been wanting to get for a while now.  So when I had a chance to go into the city a few nights ago for some sunset shooting (images to follow later), I made sure to stop at this spot before I drove home.  Traffic was just strong enough to create some light trails, and although the clouds had mostly disappeared when the blue hour hit, there were still enough to add some additional interest.

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  1. Michael Criswell

    Very nice Steven, I remember driving by this place and checking the bridge out, looked like a busy place to get a good angle of the bridge but you surely nailed this one

    11 Aug 2015 - Reply
    • Steven Perlmutter

      Thanks! It’s a great spot to get an angle on the bridge, especially at night for light trails.

      11 Aug 2015 - Reply

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