Snoqualmie Falls

As the #ExpeditionPalouse trip got underway, we left Seattle in the morning for our 4 1/2 hour drive to the Palouse.  We were anxious to start shooting far sooner, however, and decided to make a stop at Snoqualmie Falls not too far outside the city.  This is not one of those remote waterfalls that require a 1-2 mile hike up the side of mountain, but instead is one of the most popular scenic stops in the state.  It’s just a short walk from the parking lot to the falls, and there are paved walkways and overlooks all around.  There’s even a gift shop if you want a souvenir beyond your photographs.

We spread out along the paths and found any space we could among all the tourists to set up our tripods.  As it was late morning, the sky was of no real use, so I focused tighter on the falls and worked on some long exposures.  It’s difficult to get a unique composition here (at least without some climbing gear to get lower), but I was still happy with my images having never been there before this trip.  Even a well-known location that’s been photographed extensively is still worth shooting when it may be the only time you’ll visit and photograph it.


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    Gorgeous Steven.

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    Nice long exposure Steven

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