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Block Island North Light


Block Island North Light

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my family and I had the opportunity to spend a few days on Block Island with some family and friends.  It’s a beautiful little island off the coast of Rhode Island, and has the quintessential look and feel of New England with its shingled homes, several beaches, lots of shops and restaurants, and of course, it’s two lighthouses.  Although this was a family trip, the lighthouses have been on my “to shoot” list for a while, so I made some time to get out and shoot.

This is the Block Island North Light, located as you can guess, at the northern end of the island.  The first lighthouse was built here in 1829, although it was replaced several times over the years due to storms and the need for more powerful lights.  The current granite and iron structure seen here went into service in 1868, and has undergone a recent restoration.

On our last night, our host for the weekend came along with me to visit the lighthouse so we could bring the kids with us as well.  And while they explored the area, I set up to grab some sunset images.  It was a fairly cloudy evening, and I grabbed this shot a short time before the sun went down.  I have some other images from this lighthouse, as well as some from the Block Island Southeast Light that I’ll post soon.

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  1. Edith Itzcovici

    Really beautiful Steven.

    26 May 2015 - Reply
    • Steven Perlmutter

      Thanks Edith!

      26 May 2015 - Reply
  2. Lisa Gordon

    This is truly such a beautiful scene.

    26 May 2015 - Reply
    • Steven Perlmutter

      Thanks Lisa!

      26 May 2015 - Reply
  3. Michael Criswell

    Great light Steven, great colors, see you soon

    29 May 2015 - Reply
  4. Toad Hollow Photography

    Love this shot, Steven, you’ve really done a great job of capturing the essence and character of this incredible lighthouse and it’s environs!

    24 Jun 2015 - Reply
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    […] Block Island North Light – lighthouses make for great photography subjects, as is evidenced here in this terrific shot by Steven Perlmutter.  This particular lighthouse became active in 1868, and Steven’s wonderful photograph captures the essence of the character and romance of the building and it’s location. […]

    1 Jul 2015 - Reply

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