Looking Down on Fenway

Last night I left work and joined my friend Bob Lussier for a photo shoot in Boston.  Bob had recently created some images from the observatory at the Prudential building, and wanted to try some new things with a return visit.  And in my eagerness to steal all of his good comps, I decided to come along and create some images of my own.

The observatory, called the Skywalk, is on the 50th floor of the Pru, and provides some incredible views of the city.  Unfortunately we didn’t have access to views from every side as there was a private function taking up some of the space, but we knew there was a Red Sox game at Fenway, and the view of the ballpark was there for the taking.

I wanted to capture the lights at Fenway, and have light trails from traffic on the Mass Pike as well.  I experimented with different exposure times, apertures, etc. to get the look I wanted, and this was my favorite capture.  One of the things I learned, however, is that long exposures can’t be too long from this height and distance, as even a building as large as the Pru will still move in the wind causing a tiny bit of blur in the details.  On my next visit, I’ll be sure to take this into account.

P.S. Sox 2, Rays 0


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    That’s amazing Steven. I was just in Boston this weekend at a conference and saw my first game at Fenway on Monday night. What a great ballpark. Unfortunately the Sox lost that night but I’m glad they won last night. Great image. I have to remember this spot for the next time I’m there.

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    This is really cool Stephen, love the POV, nice work

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