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Ayer Mill Clock Tower

Ayer Mill Clock TowerThis past Saturday was an incredibly windy day with plenty of clouds in the sky – a perfect recipe for some long exposures.  Unfortunately, by the time I was able to get out with my camera in the afternoon, much of the cloud cover had moved out.  There were thankfully still enough, however, to provide some nice movement in the sky, anchored by the various mills of Lawrence like the Ayer Mill here.

I really liked this composition, but because my subject was at a distance, the motion of the clouds was less noticeable in this 30 second exposure even though they were still moving pretty fast.  I have some other images I’ll share in future posts where the camera is positioned closer to the mills, and the clouds appear to move much faster across the frame.  This shoot really highlighted the importance of perspective and camera position with long exposures of moving clouds, as this is a key factor in determining how much of the “streaking” effect you can achieve.  Please click on the image for a larger view.

3 Responses to Ayer Mill Clock Tower

  1. Edith Itzcovici

    Beautiful tones Stephen. Love this image.

    7 Apr 2015 - Reply
    • Steven Perlmutter

      Thanks Edith.

      7 Apr 2015 - Reply
  2. Mike Criswell

    I really like this one Steven, well done

    10 Apr 2015 - Reply

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