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Church Doors

Church Doors

I was up early Sunday morning, excited for a day of skiing before settling in for the Superbowl (Way to go Pats!).  When I learned that my friend was not feeling well and couldn’t ski, my first reaction was to jump back into bed and get more sleep.  (Yes, I could’ve gone by myself, but didn’t want to.)  But then I realized that I was dressed for the frigid cold, and was also in possession on a new camera that needs more breaking in.  So with not much time before sunrise, I decided to head into Boston to photograph the Christian Science Center, one of the more impressive pieces of architecture in the city.

The clouds once again conspired against me and stayed in bed, so once I grabbed a few wide angle shots of the building, I decided to focus my efforts on the many beautiful details you see everywhere you look here.  These doors in particular caught my eye, and I spent a fair amount of time trying various angles and compositions.  This image, with the morning light illuminating one of the doors, ended up as one of my favorites.

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  1. Mark Garbowski

    This light looks pretty great Steve. Good job not jumping back into bed.

    3 Feb 2015 - Reply
  2. Michael Criswell

    Nice Steven, you should head to Palouse with the crew! I enjoyed meeting and shooting in Boston, hope your doing ok in the snow we are hearing about here, sounds nasty

    10 Feb 2015 - Reply
    • Steven Perlmutter

      Thanks Mike. I’m hoping that I can join the crew for the Palouse trip.

      11 Feb 2015 - Reply

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