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Old Orchard Beach Pier

Old Orchard Beach

This past weekend I decided to make the drive up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine to photograph its famous pier.  The forecast looked promising for a nice sunrise, with some clouds arriving at dawn and temps in the low 30’s (that’s pretty warm for Maine in February).  Well they got it half right.  It was a balmy winter morning, but the clouds failed to materialize.  Again.

So what does one do when the clouds you expected don’t show up?  You covert your images to black & white (this is of course after you’re finished cursing).   I also went a little further with this shot giving it a darker processing treatment, while still leaving some nice light on the side of the buildings.  Although I like using plug-ins for most of my B&W conversions like Silver Efex Pro or Perfect B&W, I was able to coax out the image I wanted this time by just using the tools in Lightroom.

It wasn’t the sunrise long exposure I had hoped for, but still an image that I like.

4 Responses to Old Orchard Beach Pier

  1. Edith Levy

    I really like it as well Steven. The tones are beautiful. I aven’t really used LR for B&W conversion but I think I need to give it a try.

    24 Feb 2014 - Reply
  2. Lisa Gordon

    I really think this is a stunning image, Steven.
    Such a wonderful mood here.

    24 Feb 2014 - Reply
  3. Tina Schell

    Love this one Steven, the B&W is perfect! Who needs clouds 🙂

    24 Feb 2014 - Reply
  4. Len Saltiel

    Wonderfully composed and the B&W really pulls out the tones Steven.

    25 Feb 2014 - Reply

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