4th Floor

Anyone who’s followed my blog over the past few years knows how much I like to photograph the stairs and stairways in the old mills.  Inspired by the original stair whisperer, Mr. Bob Lussier, I always seek out the stairways when I photograph a new mill for the first time (well the mill is old, but new to me).

The Pacific Mill complex in Lawrence has many of these beautiful stairs to photograph, and I’m sure I’ve only found a small number of them so far.  This scene is in one of the main buildings there, and has many interesting landings throughout its six floors.  This is of course the fourth floor, and although you can’t see the stairs themselves, I was drawn to all the parallel lines in this scene including the walls, the pipe, the doorway, the strange wood case, and even the columns in the background.

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    LOve the tones in this image Steven.

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