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Moon Over Marsh

Moon Over Marsh

Although I got up early to catch the sunrise on this cold morning, it was the setting moon that became the focus of my attention.  It was incredibly bright, and of course big, as it slowly set behind the marsh.  You can even catch a glimpse of it’s reflection in the water if you look closely.  I used the longest focal length I could to get the moon to look as big as possible, while also keeping the water in the frame.  A bit of a balancing act, but I like the look I was able to create.

4 Responses to Moon Over Marsh

  1. Mark Summerfield

    Clever POV, Steven. The small clump of grass in the middle of the water acts as a great counter to the moon without you having to use the reflection of the moon itself.

    28 Oct 2013 - Reply
  2. Len Saltiel

    You balanced the composition perfectly Steven. Love the reflection of the clouds.

    28 Oct 2013 - Reply
  3. Tina Schell

    Lovely capture – and I agree, it’s all about the moon!!

    28 Oct 2013 - Reply
  4. Michael Criswell

    Love the composition here, well done!

    29 Oct 2013 - Reply

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