I’m taking a brief break from the fall images with this shot of the Boston Harbor Hotel.  I captured this image during the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk this past weekend, which took us in and around part of Boston’s waterfront during the early evening.

This massive open area is the centerpiece of the hotel, and connects the front of the hotel on Atlantic Avenue with the harborwalk along the water.  It’s a beautiful piece of architecture, and looks especially nice at night.


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    Wow!! I love this shot :). I had never heard of the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk until the day of and I was on my way somewhere else, so I couldn’t go. I have liked it on Facebook now, so I will be reminded next year. It sounds like a great day!

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    I’ve take this shot during the day and I must say that the night shot, especially with the B&W choice, is much better. Great tones and lines. Love it.

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    My favorite Boston hotel!
    This is magnificent.

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