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Morning Fog

Morning Fog

Just a quick post for today.  My son was kind enough to wake up my wife and I around 4:30 the other morning.  So instead of going back to sleep, I decided to grab my gear and head out to catch a sunrise.  As much as I was disappointed that the area was socked in with weather, I really love images of small fishing harbors in the morning fog, and came home with this shot of Rockport harbor that I’m very pleased with.

3 Responses to Morning Fog

  1. Jim Denham

    Good choice! Great foggy boat scene! Dig it!

    5 Sep 2013 - Reply
  2. Wojciech Toman

    Very nice mood and very well-composed

    5 Sep 2013 - Reply
  3. Rich McPeek

    Super shot Steven! Great job of making the best of it when the weather wasn’t what you expected! Well done!

    5 Sep 2013 - Reply

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