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Sunset in the Window

Sunset in the Window

Although the sky was cloudless and the sunset kinda boring the other night, I did notice the colors of the fading sky reflected in the window of this shack in Lane’s Cove in Gloucester, and grabbed this shot. ┬áNext time I’ll order more clouds before I leave.

6 Responses to Sunset in the Window

  1. Rich McPeek

    Wow Steven! This is just awesome! Love the warmth and the reflection off the window! Great composition!

    15 Aug 2013 - Reply
  2. Lisa Gordon

    This is truly magical.

    15 Aug 2013 - Reply
  3. Jimi Jones

    Wonderful composition, man. Love it!

    15 Aug 2013 - Reply
  4. Edith Levy

    Beautifully composed Steven.

    15 Aug 2013 - Reply
  5. Delina

    Love that you still found something beautiful even if the sunset wasn’t the best.

    15 Aug 2013 - Reply
  6. Tina Schell

    No clouds needed – wonderfully creative. BTW, I saw your “historic mills” tours and I guess we share a mental wavelength! See my latest post on the historic mill in Milltown, New Jersey which goes back to the revolutionary war. Enjoy!

    26 Aug 2013 - Reply

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