The Four Sinks

While the title of this post could also be the name of a 50’s doowop group, it instead describes this interesting set up in the basement of the Wannalancit Mills in Lowell, MA.  Originally known as the Suffolk Mills, this property has been completely restored except for the turbine room in the basement that exists now as a museum.  Most of the equipment is difficult to access for photos due to railings or fences, but some items can still be photographed, such as these sinks.

I originally thought that these were your basic everyday sinks providing water for handwashing, etc., but later learned that they actually distributed different types of oils for the various machines in the mill.  Interesting stuff.

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    Nice Steven, I tried to comment on your Marblehead post….cause that’s on our hit list this fall but I couldn’t for whatever reason, BTW The Long Exposure shot was awesome!

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