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This is the cockpit of a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor airplane.  The world’s first mass-produced airliner, it was visiting a local airport for the weekend, and I managed to find a little time to check it out (I didn’t have time for a ride unfortunately).  Ford Motor Company built 199 Tri-Motors from 1926 through 1933, and interestingly, the first three Tri-Motors  actually seated the pilot in an open cockpit, as many pilots at the time doubted a plane could be flown without the direct “feel of the wind”.

While this is a passenger plane that seats 10 people, there is very little room to move around inside, and there was no way I could use my tripod.  So unfortunately the shot is not perfectly centered as I had to handhold for this shot down near the floor.  And the reason that the sky looks different through the side and top windows is not because I tried blending different shots, but rather from some tinting of the glass on the overhead windows.


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    Just love this composition Steven. The details and color are killer.

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    Excellent perspective and processing, Steven. What a cool find.

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    Very cool shot Steven.

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    Great perspective, Steven. The color contrast of the orange wheels with the overall blue tones of everything else really works wonders here.

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