I need  your help today as I’m very interested in what you think of this image.  I can’t put my finger on it, but for some reason I really like this image.  It just resonates with me.  There’s arguably nothing really to it other than some nice lines and textures, but it’s by far my favorite from a quick shoot at the Pacific Mill complex this past weekend.  I asked my wife about it, and she didn’t see much in it, and I would really like some other opinions.  So please let me know what you think.  Good.  Bad.  It doesn’t matter.  I’m just curious if anyone else has any kind of reaction to it.  

At the end of the day, I guess that’s the beauty of what we do as photographers.  There is no right or wrong.  What matters is what you like, what inspires you, and whatever it is that drives you to create your work.


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    I really like the details in the bricks Steven. One thing that jump out at me is the composition. The pipe on the left looks a little squeezed to the edge while the right has a lot of negative space. I might have tried a square crop or a portrait crop cutting off the right side a bit. Nice image though.

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    I agree with Len on the composition Steven. I would also straighten the image just a touch.

  3. Steven Perlmutter
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    Thanks both for the comments. I had similar thoughts on the comp. I was trying a rule-of-thirds set-up, but perhaps this is a rule-breaker that could’ve had a center focus. And the image is actually straight, but it looks a little crooked as the road/curb is sloped. I struggled with which lines to keep straight, and opted for the horzontal lines in the bricks. Crazy that with all of these things, I still love the image. Go figure.

    Really appreciate the feedback.

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    I like the brick wall and the fact that it is showing the growth of mildew. That section of the wall must get a lot of shade and dampness.

    Regarding the composition, I may have leveled using the sloping curb then cropped right up to it, leveling the two standpipes. Len’s point of eliminating the negative space on the right is also a good point. Perhaps squaring the image would work better.

    As you’ve pointed out, there is no right or wrong, which is why we experiment so much. 🙂
    I do find the standpipes to be rather artsy for some reason, which is why I would have centered them. Tough image to really know what the final would be, it’s one of those that you have to “feel” during the processing.

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    I totally hear everyone else with their comments, but I have to be honest Steven, I really see a lot of great natural tension in this image. Especially because the left one is pointing outward and is shorter than the right one. For me, the negative space adds something to the shot and I actually rather like the way you’ve composed this. It gives the viewer a pointer through the frame, and in that negative space I see a lot of texture. I loooooove texture like this; brickwork, stonework, old wood… you name it!

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