Peeling Paint

Today’s image is from the Duck Mill in Lawrence.  In addition to the wonderful lines formed by the columns in this space, I was really drawn to the texture and color of the peeling paint both on the ceiling, as well as all over the floor.   The Duck Mill is one of the smaller mills in Lawrence, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with fantastic spaces to photograph.  While many of the neighboring mills in the area have been partially or fully refurbished over the years, all but one floor of the Duck remains raw and full of incredible things to shoot.


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    Nice Steven, talking with Bob last week it sounds like thing went really great, thats great to hear, keep it up. I Love the lines in this soo cool!

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  1. […]  Peeling Paint – for those who loves textures and detail in imagery, this is a terrific photograph sure to please.  Steven Perlmutter finds great natural leading lines in his composition that leverages the old support beams, naturally guiding the viewer through the frame. […]

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