The Basin

Well I’m back after a week away on vacation at DisneyWorld with the family.  It was nice to take a break from blogging and most things social media (I still followed all the updates from the marathon bombing), and I even left my DSLR at home for the trip and just brought a small P&S camera.  This vacation was all about family time, and it was wonderful.  I took lots of pictures of the kids, but nothing for the blog.

So here’s my first post in over a week, and it’s a shot from the Basin in Lincoln, NH.  This is a really cool location, although it was snowing while I was there a few weeks ago.  In addition to the blurring effect on water, clouds, etc., long exposures are also great for eliminating things like snowfall or even people that don’t stay long in the frame.  There were no people to worry about here, but I did want to exclude the falling snow from the image, which this 60 second exposure took care of.  While there was some nice color in the rocks and pine trees, I liked the look of this image better in B&W.  I recently purchased Silver Efex Pro 2, and it’s really growing on me.

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    Water reduced to a filmy wisp. Tremendous example of millenia of erosion carved into this rock. Lovely image, Steven

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    […] post is another image from the Basin in Lincoln, NH.  Just as in my post the other day, you can see the beautiful curves and shapes that have been formed by years and years […]

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