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Bridge on a Foggy Morning

8 Responses to Bridge on a Foggy Morning

  1. Ken Rowland

    Really like the long exposure and leading lines. Foggy mornings are definitely the best!

    15 Nov 2012 - Reply
  2. Len

    Love the leading line and reflection of this long exposure Steven. And yes, l do like foggy mornings.

    15 Nov 2012 - Reply
  3. edithlevyphotography

    Yup I do and you’ve done a fantastic job on this image. Stunning.

    15 Nov 2012 - Reply
  4. Mark Summerfield

    A nice simple graphic shot enhanced by the long exposure and the overall foggy conditions. Nice one, Steven.

    15 Nov 2012 - Reply
  5. Mark Neal (@maxmanian)

    Incredibly dramatic, Steven. This subject is perfect in monochrome. Nice one.

    15 Nov 2012 - Reply
  6. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    To answer your question, yes!
    I get excited about foggy mornings because you never know what nature will create for you. This is a great shot, Steven. Awesome leading line and as Mark has pointed out, perfect for monotone.

    16 Nov 2012 - Reply
  7. Toad Hollow Photography

    This is absolutely awesome, Steven! LOVE the vanishing point you create and how it leads the viewer right through the frame!

    20 Nov 2012 - Reply
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    […] Bridge on a Foggy Morning – a modern bridge takes the viewer through the frame deep into the fog that drapes across this scene. ┬áSteven Perlmutter creates an image here that is full of drama in the black-and-white presentation, which converges with a great vanishing point into the distant fog. ┬áThis is a true must-see shot. […]

    22 Nov 2012 - Reply

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