When I was in Maine a week ago, I decided to spend part of the day on Monhegan Island which is located about 12 miles off the coast of Port Clyde.  The island is just an incredible place, and without any cars or paved roads, it feels like it’s from another time.   It’s only about 1/2 mile wide and 1 1/2 miles long, and while there is a vibrant community here in the summer, the winter population is typically less than 50 people.  Much of Monhegan is wooded, and it’s also quite hilly and rocky.  I believe that the highest point on the island, where this shot was taken, is actually the highest point in all of coastal Maine.

This scene is part of the property at Monhegan Light, a location which provides incredible views of the island and surrounding water.  The lighthouse is actually behind where I’m standing (well, squatting), but for this shot I wanted to focus on the dory and the simplicity of the buildings.  Oddly enough, the actual lighthouse tower is probably the least attractive building here.  I of course still grabbed many shots of it, and will post some in the coming days.


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    What a great place, Steven. Would love to visit there.

    Love this image, it’s color is so nicely balance and it’s a fine composition. I can see this one framed and hanging on the wall. Nice one, man.

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    Wonderful image Steven. It screams Maine. I’ve never been to this place but now you have added another reason to head to Maine.

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    Wonderful perspective Steven.

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    Very well balanced composition, Steven. The colours work so well together.

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    Really, really great textures here, my friend. I found myself exploring this frame for quite some time taking in all the wonderful details you’ve shared!!

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