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Jetty Simplicity

It’s been a while since I posted a long exposure image, and I’m really pleased with how this one turned out.  This is one of the wooden jetties that protects the entrance to Three Mile Harbor in Easthampton, NY.  To get to this location on the western side of the channel you need to have 4 wheel drive, and I was fortunate that the friends we were visiting had a Jeep that they let me borrow.  I brought my boys with me as they love riding in the Jeep out on the beach, and we all had a really great time combing the beach, finding crabs, and of course taking pictures.  This is a nearly three minute exposure which tuned the water into silky goodness.  And a b&w conversion seemed to fit this scene to my liking.  I hope you like it too.

18 Responses to Jetty Simplicity

  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    Wow, that is absolutely beautiful!! The long exposure gives it such a dream-like quality, and the b&w is perfect for this shot. Nice job :).

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  2. Bob Lussier

    And pleased you should be! It turned out great. It is amazing how a 10 stop can turn a simple scene into dream world.

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  3. theaterwiz

    Sweet image, very nice

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  4. Claudia

    Jetty in Heaven… Serene and beautiful. I’m on the west coast and this was the first email I opened. Great way to wake up.

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  5. edithlevyphotography

    I would be pleased too if I were you. I love this Steven. The long exposure and B&W conversion are perfect. My advice…print it nice and big…it belongs on a wall 🙂

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  6. Ken Rowland

    Steven, this is really well done. I’d love to find a composition like this to shoot. Nice work!

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  7. Mark Summerfield

    Absolutely perfect, Steven! On to be proud of.

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  8. LensScaper

    Simplicity is ‘King’! Worked out so well here, Steven. I really must invest in one of these 10 stoppers.

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  9. Jim Nix

    3 minutes with the 10 stopper is right on! beauty!!

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  10. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    Wow, man. This is a stunning image, Steven. Absolutely beautiful. Looks like a dream. 😉

    15 Aug 2012 - Reply
  11. Rick

    Wonderful long exposure! Stunning image!

    23 Aug 2012 - Reply
  12. Into the Sea | Perlmutter Photography

    […] post for today.  This is the same jetty from this long exposure image that I posted last week.  It’s amazing how the same subject can look so different just by […]

    28 Aug 2012 - Reply

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