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Colorful Kayaks

Well this should rank high on the scale of lame titles, huh?  Oh well.  I guess sometimes the creativity just stops with the image.  Anyway… these kayaks were all lined up early one morning in Rockport, MA, just waiting to be rented for a day on the water.  I was amazed at how many there were, and how they created these wonderful patterns of colors and lines.

7 Responses to Colorful Kayaks

  1. Len

    For some strange reason, I knew it was Rockport before I read the post Steven. The title definitely fits the scene.

    24 Jul 2012 - Reply
  2. hdrexposed

    Man talk about an explosion of color! Love this one Steven!

    24 Jul 2012 - Reply
  3. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    Love this colorful shot, Steven. The title fits perfectly and this composition is very nice.

    24 Jul 2012 - Reply
  4. A.Barlow

    Really good job on the slight TS effect here. Nice color depth as well.

    24 Jul 2012 - Reply
  5. Jason Hines

    Good eye. I love all the colors. I have a difficult time naming my photos as well, I try to get my wife to help but I think she’s worse than I am :).

    24 Jul 2012 - Reply
  6. Jim Nix

    it’s accurately named! nice work and love all the color Steven!

    24 Jul 2012 - Reply
  7. Mark Summerfield

    I like the use of the limited DOF as it helps the viewer focus on the amazing color palette in the image. Nothing wrong with a simple title – look at the ones I come up with!!

    24 Jul 2012 - Reply

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