Kiddie Land

I don’t know why, but anytime I see an old arcade, whether it’s in full swing in the summer or shut down in the offseason, I’m compelled to take it’s picture.  I can’t exactly explain what draws me to them, and frankly I seem to have a hard time getting the image I envision when I’m composing the shot, but I still make the attempt virtually every time.

Camer settings: ISO 200, f/10, 18mm, 4 brackets

8 Responses to Kiddie Land

  1. Len

    Like how the red contrasts with the rest of the image Steven. Nice work

    12 Apr 2012 - Reply
  2. Adam Allegro

    Awesome shot! Looks almost like a child’s dream sequence. Or nightmare sequence 🙂

    12 Apr 2012 - Reply
  3. edithlevyphotography

    Nice shot Steven. I like the details of the building. I think maybe I would have cropped out the bottom part of the road just up to the parking lines.

    12 Apr 2012 - Reply
  4. hdrexposed

    I would love to get in and shoot an old arcade! Love how the color stands out!

    12 Apr 2012 - Reply
  5. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    Fun shot, man. These are always places that make us think of childhood fun. The red building and gray sky blend nicely here.

    13 Apr 2012 - Reply
  6. Navin Harish

    Very nice shot

    13 Apr 2012 - Reply
  7. A.Barlow

    Like the look on this one. processed nicely.

    13 Apr 2012 - Reply
  8. Eden

    Nicely captured and processed, Steven!

    14 Apr 2012 - Reply

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